Friday, September 26, 2008

waitressing ain't that bad.

isetan @ the gardens had its first anniversary yesterday,
and the caterer, pasti's needed waiters and waitresses.
brendon asked a whole battalion of DU's to help out and we were paid 50 bucks each.

jou's mom took us there and i felt like having something sweet.

so we dropped by nyonya colours.

thab thim grob. *smacks lips.

jou reminds me of winnie the pooh in this picture. =P

went to the store to get our uniforms,
egad, ever so eye catching.

orange. jaysus.

did a whole lot of camwhoring in the toilet..

"you look like you're wearing some funky labcoat.."

"i think i look hot, right right??"
and headed back to the store to get our aprons.

christopher and kok hong were there too.

lol jian.

the only girls who were there.

surrendered my camera to wein for a while.


you can tell jou wasnt very comfortable.
prolly too bright for her or something.
*if you're wondering why she's so tall.. she was jumping.

i'd be scared if i suddenly see a whole hoard of orange guys at my window.

everyone was staring.

had 10 minutes to spare so we walked over to precious thoughts.

so cuddly.

typical jo and siewmun.

"omg may.. we look like chindraf."

madam manager, hazel.
pasti's version of pc chong;
started spot checking the way we tie our aprons.
"i dont want you to spill any of my wine or my beer on any of my bags, my cosmetics, my clothes. no such thing okay? please wear my apron and my vest properly. you'll be serving my VIPs."

"you look like you're singing negaraku."
"i think even when he sings he wouldnt stand this straight wei."

"may, gimme a meiyin pout."
you know what's funny? *click to enlarge
the lady in the poster behind's doing it too. =P

DU ground floorers.
either cause we were wearing vests or we had waitressing experiences.

the food i had to look at the whole night.
*stolen from jou.
red, white, heineken.

raspberry feast, passion feast and mojitos.

soft drinks and fruit juice.
mushroom quiche.

chicken ham and cheese sandwiches.

smoked salmon.

prawn cocktails.

fruit tarts.

would you like a *fill name of whatever you're carrying here*, sir/madam?
serviette, sir/madam?
thank you sir/madam.

i think i'm gonna get wrinkles by the age of 20.

after 3 hours of serving..
some of them smuggled white wine and beer home. -.-

washing up.

drying glasses.
haha melvin.
i think he was a bit high.

look at all the tired faces.


waitressing ain't at all that bad.
creamy pasta and silver rings,