Tuesday, March 31, 2009


if only you were here,
whether it was to tell me off about my unruly hair
or just to teman me to jasema to have some cheese naan.

hey jou,

how you be doing over there?
i'm sorry i havent been around much,
i'm sorry i havent been calling or talking,
i'm sorry i havent been writing you mail,
i'm sorry i havent been much of a good friend to you, or to them, since you left.

things back here arent the same as they used to be,
sometimes i just wish that i had the same gift you had when it comes to problems,
sometimes i just wish that i could've gone over there with you,
sometimes i just wish that i could've done so much more before you left.
sometimes i just wish that i didnt need to wish so much.

i miss you jou.

Monday, March 30, 2009

food post O.o

went to have some dimsum after church today with minghan's family and some of the people from church.

statue of liberty, according to minghan. lol.

lots and lots of dimsum, i like minghan's dad, he orders so much :D

lazy to name all of them lar.

mingyue and mingli.

someone from church and aunty chooi kuan

uncle hok seng and minghan.

argh mah pimpless mah pimplessss.

later for dinner, went out with my parents and their friends to somewhere on jalan ipoh.

ethan came along this time.

forgot to take a pic of the vege before it was half polished. heh.

kickass hokkien fried mee.

cantonese fried yee mee.

kickass lala.

steamed fish. i liked the sauce.

some kinda pork thing.

dr jack and cynthia. moozie was right next to them.

dr ed, ethan and daddy.

ben and jean.

ethan's damn cute la.

20 questions?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

**content of this post was for blogging purposes only. ;)

the title says it all.

i'm a musicon celebrity, man.
i am a VIP.
i am a rockstar.
i am a celebrity!

and why?
cause i'm cool.
like iceeee.

c'mon people, say it with me.


because i'm so awesome/rocstar-ish/celebrity-ish,
i get away with a whole lot of things.

i can jump on my bed as much as i want with my very clean, very new shoes on, throwing everything off the bed.
i can jump on my bed with my super gila awesome plaid miniskirt on exposing everything i shouldn't, letting the neightbours drool with envy.
i can jump on my bed screaming at the top of my lungs and headbanging to my itouch in their speakers turned up to the max volume, muting out my neighbour's dulcet profanities.

i can leave my hair looking like frigging claypot lou see fun, and everyone'll follow cause they KNOW it's cool.
i can wear a tie with a t shirt and not give giving a damn about what people will say.
i can wear dark, dark, dark overdrawn eyeliner with nothing else, and promote saving the pandas.

i can eat as much as i want at any restaurant i choose and burp as loud as i want to.
i can fart as loud as i want to in a public place, and blame it on someone else.
i can run loose around the neighbourhood singing renditions of national anthems and i wouldnt get locked up.

and i can get a rockstar boyfriend so much easier than other girls can. ;)

every rockstar had their own sources of inspiration and someone they look up to.
mine has always been avril lavigne.

what was it that really pulled me to this punk rock singer?

her dress sense, her personality, her rebellion.
her indifference towards the people around her and their thoughts about her.

man. i wanna be just like avril lavigne.

so nuffnang, maxis, whoever who'll be reading and judging the posts,

i have to go. i HAVE to go. I HAVE TO GO!!!!

and if and when i'm invited,

it's gonna be one heck of a rockin' partaaayyyyy.


photo&editing credits: minghan.

i want my maxis USB modem!

earth hour 09: walk of hope

went for earth hour: walk of hope yesterday night at capsquare.
with lynnette (and family), hazel, mark, suzen and minghan.

minghan picked us up and went to lynnette's place.
needed to follow from behind her dad's car.

eh it looks like they're making out.

walked over to capsquare from the carpark.

went there, registered and got our t-shirts and glow-in-the-dark wristbands.

one lil gang of us.

our t shirts were pretty simple:

this in the front.

and that at the back.

still prefer the other design tho. :(

they were giving out free starbucks coffee!

went back in to stone for a while, went into the supermarket.

banana jooooooooze?

bleh. i hate clowns.

kuli. keke.

there were lots of stalls,
selling food, clothes, accessories, etc etc.

heh. i was hungry.

the chicken chop was pretty kickass.

started off with a mini marchpast by these people.


joey g, who was the emcee for the night.

CHARMS, the national cheerleading team, had a good performance.

the scottish wannabe people played the bagpipes and danced after that.

the final 8 contestants of one in a milllion were there, performed a song together.

the walk didnt start at 6.30, as planned.

that's not even one eighth of the people there okay.
spot the esther. :P

about 2000 came for the walk, btw :)

no idea what starbucks has to do with earth hour,
but they gave 20% off everything between 8.30 - 9.30!

the officials who officiated the walk.

so we started off our walk from capsquare at about 7.30.

saw this burning cup on the floor the minute we started walking.

mark, using his ki.

everyone stopped here and there to camwhore.

and yell at buses, cars, and everything else on the road.

then we got back to capsquare =.=

the walk was so damn short. seriously.
it's like, as far as one utama to centrepoint. or less.

went back to the stage area and watched some performances.

hahaha suzen and her lychee drink.

so at 20.29.50 hours, they started their countdown.

sixty minutes.

kltower shut their lights off about 3 seconds before time. damn potong.

and the twin towers, which usually look like this:

one minute of their electricity can fry 10 elephants okay.

became this:

yup. quite awesome laa.

the whole of capsquare shut their lights.
our only source of light was the candles around us.

they stacked them up, thought it was quite cute.

i like the candle-cup thingies.

they had some sorta hakka dance and firebreathing performance.

pretty. :)

camwhore :D

zen and i.
reminds us of that pic we took during forum, yes?

esther was there too :D

stoning around, waiting for the walk to start.

lynnette, hazel and i.

hazel and joey g. lol

hamburger face

suzen and mark :D

lynnetteeee 8O

dear lord, mark.

when we just started walking.

me and minghan.

zen and i.

mark and zen.

check hazel's snob face out ;)

the girls :)

and again. lol.


lynnette's clan. O.o

went for a short drive in minghan's car with suzen and mark around kl,
following behind lynnette's car.

went to mama's kitchen for supper/really late dinner after that.

suzen and mark.

claypot lou see fun is the bomb.
jou, when you come back this is the first thing i'm feeding you okay :)

polished clean. we were damn hungry okay.
still am tho.

mmm. life's good.

currently hooked onto i'll be-edwin mccain.
the band played it during the walk of hope. :)

stop me and steal my breath,