Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Natasha!

on the 10th, the day before natasha's actual birthday,
cs planned a surprise birthday party for her at his place.
i was super knocked out.
lack of sleep, and i was at college from 7am - 7pm that day. heh heh heh.

well the 1 hour plus wait for her was worth it. lol at ashvin's face.

her reaction was so super cute.

hahaha. damn joee looks like jenny.

cs's look at accomplishment. :D

debra brought her chocolate fountain!
heh. chocolate banana. rarr.

louis liked it though LOL.

iLike this photo.

there was lots of food. cs's mom made green curry and thab thim grob.

kun brought his mom's kickass mee siam.

ashvin brought longan ice cream! :D

CHIA SHOON made the potato salad. not louis.

sorry to you guys who brought other stuff. i dont remember what else there was x)


pun and kauline :)

debra and eugene!

trixha and nick :D

latest additon: mel and aik ;)

haha eugene chocolate-d himself. :)

munyiiiiiii. i know you're in penang now!

the best friends reunited. hahahah.

jooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

thanks for planning this all, cs :)

cs and nat :D


and cake part 2. :D

you're 18, honey. love love love.

a few of them went missing though.

big girl already worrr. be a good girl k!

oh and by the way,

like my pearly whites?

well they're not really white but............. yeah.

in the dark,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Hanson!

the boy genius turned 17 yesterday.

so right after college,
pauline, suzen, kareen, hanson and myself headed to ou to meet up with other people for lunch.
kareen and pauline.

P for president, P for pauline.
blessings from the birthday boy yo.

went to new york new york for lunch.
seems like the best place to go to everytime, you know?
super huge burger O___o
kareem, hanson, suzen and i shared.
one fine day, trisha and i will finish one of those each. save money first.

birthday boy and kareem.

kengyee and trisha with their birthday present.

happy birthday!
oh oh, thank you thank you.
eh faster open la i want one.

three guesses who that was -.-

kareem and junwen.

kengyee and bianca.

zen and trisha.

timothy and hanson.

headed up to the bowling alley.
watched the guys play some pool.

and watch natalie laugh at the most random things.

may lim likes this photo!

hi, i'm jeremy.
oh hi, i'm natalie. let's take a photo.

left for subang at 4. hanson is mildly horrible at giving directions.
got there safe in the end. heh.
i just realised we didnt use the pool, neither did we play any futsal.
hanson uFail.

water polo players trying to play water polo on land.

went back into the house after a certain mishap with my car.
suraj tried teaching us how to play chovi/jovi, some card game that's really 24 instead of 21.
we kept laughing at both him and chiasing, they're both such idiots la seriously. lol.

pauline, kareem and i.

the chovi gang with them poker chips.

the PS2 and FIFA 2010 kept some of them busy too.
nick, uFail. 7-4 is a disgrace to man utd.

ate the food, play more cards, talk talk talk talk, laugh laugh laugh laugh.

cake time!
alyssa with hanson's candled cupcake.

lol suraj looks like he's pushing drugs.

and hanson got iced.

hanli brought out the real birthday cake that she and her mom baked. damn awesome.

wait, blow the candles THEN cut, right?

the Hans. :D

and the rest of us. some left and missed out on the cake. mmm.

and the boys there were such big bullies.

hanson looked like the joker after they were done with him.

bianca and hanson.

lol, hanson and kareem.

suraj's the president, btw.

see the partially smashed cake? lol.

suraj and i.

with nick, junny boy and brandon.

biancaaaaa *shimmies

kareeeeeeeeeeeeeem fareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

fat boy! :D

a lot of them left after a while,
it was only me, naomi, junwen, bianca and chiasing left.
went back to the ps2. lol hanson.

bianca, hanson and hanli tried teaching the rest of us how to play mahjong. O.o

and had a good emo session by the pool. :D

subang ain't THAT far away..
i'll run to inti when i can then. :D
lets just hope i dont get lost.

i had a great time. cosy parties beat any other hands down.
thanks for having me over, son of han. :D

paintball.. paintball..