Monday, February 6, 2012

if you're still visiting this blog,

you're weird and you need to stop stalking O.o


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

movies, football, japanese and daddy's day!

on friday, shawn and song came over to watch a few movies.

kickass, which was supremely vulgar and disgustingly idiotic,
and she's outta my league, which was a stoned-turned-funny movie.

noel came a bit later to catch the Germany vs Serbia match.
went upstairs to get my camera and this was the first thing i saw. lol.

mei, su-zen, lihwen, song and i went to zanmai for lunch the next day.
mmm. japanese food.

'i need to make different faces cause may's blog readers'll prolly get bored of my face.'

wenwen :D

song :D

meeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :O

agedashi tofu *tags ashvin*

lihwen ordered this japanese pancake. good stuff yo.

salmon don.

salmon belly :B

maki maki.

i had soba but i forgot to take a picture of it =x
but we were full after. mhmm, good lunch.

t'was a good day.

went to riblees with moozie and daggles that night.
early dinner at 6.30pm O______o

foreign beers are still the best.

caesar salad there was kinda bland.

mmm riblees steak. medium rare, just the way i like it.

jamaican pork. see the potatoes? they kick any other potato's ass outta this world.

happy daddy's day, daggles! :)

shall update about fete de la musique tomorrow.