Tuesday, April 28, 2009

good luck to the king scout candidates! :)

so pentarafan pengakap raja is this weekend,
and 3 of my lil darlings are candidates.


natashaa /ketupatt

and yoke

all the best, guys!
after all your hard work, this is the last corner of your journey.
gambateh! :)

oh and the reason why i'm posting this up so early's cause i'm going on full blown hiatus now.

would update only on saturdays.. if i can help it.
laptop shall be surrendered tomorrow morning.
(daddy i know you're reading this and if i havent given the laptop to you by tomorrow night then TAKE IT FROM MEHHH D:)

oh no. plurk. damn. my karma's gonna drop. :(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

trixha is a genius

click and you'll know why.


don't kill me, minghan. wahahaha

Saturday, April 25, 2009


went to the ship at uptown for dinner yesterday night.

good service, for one.
not very good food though.

creamed spinach.
i can see minn and a whole lotta other readers cringing at the sight of it.
it doenst taste as good as it did anymore. hmm.

the extremely huge salad that came with my mom's food.

my steak thing. gosh it felt like i was chewing on a rubber tyre =.=
best steaks in town my ass.

my mom's seafood was pretty decent though.

mommeh in a bib.
paying close attention to the waiter flipping her food. mm.

went to namaste, ttdi for dinner tonight.
been passing by that almost everyday,
but we somehow never got our butts up to try the place.

it's on the same row as mama's kitchen/ devis corner, btw.


plain naan.

nasi briyani.

bendi fried.

alu gobi, curry cauliflower and potatoes.

mutton rogan.

and the best thing i've ever tasted in a long time,

butter chicken.
it tastes so good, i can just break down and cry.




do you sometimes feel that there're things you could've changed?

things you could've stopped from happening?
things you could've done better?
things you could've worded differently?

it just gets pretty suicidally depressing, when you really think about it.

today, i've confirmed the fact that i've lost 20 000++ pictures from my external hard drive. i was so sure that, what with all this tech savvy people lurking in every corner, that there'd be some way to retrieve the data that has been lost.

but they couldn't.

i lost everything.

everyone's birthday parties,
all the troop meeting pictures,
random outings,
pictures of jou and i,
family dinners,
everything before the 4th of april.

it just makes me so, so sad.

the only thing that can count as reassuance, is that some of it's on my blog.
that's right, SOME. i take a lot of pictures, you see. and not all of them are bloggable material, if you get what i mean. but memories nontheless.

i'd do anything to get those 20 000 pictures back.
but nothing can be done.

and reading a walk to remember by nicholas sparks prior to all this happening does not help in any way possible.

i'm becoming an emotional wreck.

ain't it sad?

Friday, April 24, 2009


*please click to enlarge

Prices for SMKDU's PROM NIGHT 2009 tickets are as follows:

For SMKDU students/ ex-SMKDU students:
*currently F5 and studying in SMKDU
*currently F5 and was from SMKDU
*any senior from SMKDU.

Early Bird : RM 140
[from 24th April - 4th May]

Normal Price : RM 150
[from 5th May - 21st August]

Late Buyers : RM 170
[from 22nd August - 31st October.]

For Non-SMKDU students:
*complete SMKDU virgin.
(including the dates/guests/+1s of DU students as well)

Normal Price: RM 160
[from 24th April - 21st August]

Late Buyers: RM 170
[from 22nd August - 31st October]

Tickets would not be sold from the 31st of October onwards as the committee would have to prepare for their SPM examinations, so hurry and get your tickets fast! :)

to book your tickets, please contact:
Lynnette Oon (5 Keledang) - 0122121053
Hazel Chia (5 Keledang) - 0126863822


on another note,

the prom committee will be selling sweets for the next few weeks to raise funds for prom. just spot the sexy secretary prancing around school with the big pink box.

we, the committee, would be selling sweets to EVERYONE IN SMKDU, and YES THAT INCLUDES YOU TOO, JUNIORS (i know you're reading this *winkwink*), so please show us your support!

..oh and by the way,
we now have a themeless prom.

so the hall will just be nicely decorated, but not to any theme.
now everyone can be happy, yes? :D

the sexy secretary,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Louis!

the one who wants pyjamas pants from topshop
the one who makes kickass potato salad!

so for this whole week, we've been having the annual photoshoot for the school magazine.
felt abit weird to not be one of the mega stressed up people on duty, but hey, it felt good. ;)

of course, one wednesday, we had the uniformed bodies photoshoot.

hah! i finally got to sit down :D

this is getting abit too cliche.


and today, we had our clubs and whatnot.

and 5 kempas, baking under the rays of the merciless sun.

top row, L-R: the AX- guy, the NERDS, SIABALL, i play [ball], sexy, silence is golden
middle, L-R: zZzZ, [i dunno whats that], the EATERS, perfect, GG-bra, lazy gaga, crazy, happy, may-niac.
botton, L-R: jou, rahul, ???ZzZ???, the monitor, the teacher, random, funny.

yea, click to enlarge. it's pretty funny.
and pn anisha's so cute! ahahahahhahaha.

rumah kuning!

rawr :D

olahraga club..



lol. mdm president and vice sesat.

track teammm!

man my jersey smelled like bloody sharpie.

basketball teamm

bakar bakar

our girls. :)

oh and just in case the leos wanted, here're some of their free pose pictures.

pick, grab, steal all the pictures you want.

just leave a comment in the cbox, please and thank you :)

and more random camwhore pictures from today..

siewmun and suzen getting it on with the camera.
*wipes lens

and we had these random paper things..

nuff said :D

qian qian. LOL.

and "random" was a big hit.

esther doing "the josephine".

jou!!! :D

bounce bounce.

huixian and deepa.

mei, minn and munyi.

and this is for you, cheryl.