Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ghost of architecture (student)'s past.

keep me cracking, hun.


Monday, June 29, 2009

minghan's last day of term was today,
so we made a split decision to watch transformers on the way home from school.
my first meal as a freee maaaannnnnnn!!!!!

we caught the 2 o clock show at gsc with minutes to spare.
soldier: you know how God made us in HIS image?
...who made HIM?
*refers to optimus prime

lol. a really well acted show, but like terminator (and every other robot show),
i just didnt get it. wasnt matrix like, a seperate movie?

went to ikea for a really dinner.
meatballssssss :DDDDD

delicato and daim cake.

mmmmm yummyyy.
at the plate, i mean. ;)

i canNOT get enough. seriously.

i know it's rather off to wear shades indoors, but the sun was IN MY EYES.
why didnt megatron or his egyptian looking master take the sun while they could =.=

bearings and spheres,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

hello people of the world.

i urge you to click here and read it.
comment if you wish.
jou's post from a long time ago was my inspiration. 8D

on friday before tuition,
i went to popeyes for lunch with minghan.
damn this biscuits are so good.
but when they're under-baked, they taste like friggin fried play-doh.

tried their chicken. prefer it to kfc. heh.

too much popeyes is just.. well too much, we both found out today. -.-

tapaued some biscuits to snack on. :D

heh, thanks zu for helping me get some of my books!

that night, went for dinner with the Ho's at yau tak teng.
what mingli would call art.

kangkung. :D

some chicken thing.

fried tofu.

kickass ribs. me love many many.

pouty sweet and sour fish. mhmm.

stayed at home the whole day on saturday.
it was so sad, i was driving myself insane.

earlier tonight,
aunty laygaik brought over some cake as daddy's belated birthday present.
durian cake, to be exact.

sweet mother of raisin naan.
it stank up the house and i had to breathe through a pillow to filter out the smell.
even minghan smelled like durian. ><
anyone wanna come over and finish it up or something? ugh.

heh. one happy daddy.

ghost, damn kancheongggggggg.

is it me, or am i just the bad one this time?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

welcome home, jo!

ahaha. this was the day you left.

i'll see you on monday. i hope.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

youtube mode back on

i love fred.
he pisses the hell out of everyone. besides me.

i love laughing like an idiot at idiots.

i love youtube. sometimes.
i'm temperamental.
youtube sucks cause they don't play music videos anymore.
but i still love youtube. sometimes.

in life, i've leaned a lot of things.

i've leaned to read, i've learned to write.
i've learned to love, i've learned to blog,
i've learned to eat, i've learned to drive.

the one lesson i've only recently stumbled upon?
i've learnt that sometimes,
people really aren't who they seem to be.

sometimes, it's a good thing.
sometimes, it's just downright disgusting and disappointing.

one thing i've failed to learn, to understand,
is how people can't seem to realize
that what they've done, and what they're doing
actually hurts the people around them
and some more than others.
i'm not being a hypocrite here. but yeah.
that's one thing i'm really looking forward to learn about, soon.

my lips like sugar,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy and Ming Li!

hope you had an awesome time,
though you're not getting a bunny like you wanted to. :)

hahaha daggles!

went to moxie for dinner again.
no wonder the word sounded so familiar,
it was in night at the museum 2.
the one which was translated to 'ghairah' in bm. -.-

peppermint tea.
i love tea.

and their buns kick ass.

appetizer platter.

seafood nage and smoked salmon.

royal rack of lamb.

pan-roasted chateaubriand.

roasted olive croute cod.

specially requested off-the-menu aglio olio.
man, the things my mom can do..

blueberry crumble.

my dad's complimentary chocolate lava.

"wah, how come they know my name one?? spell correctly also!"


oh and on a random note,

new sheets! haha dragonfly ones. :D
my room's so pinkpurple now.

i'm gonna go drown myself in my new awesome pink dragonfly sheets now.

a picture paints a thousand words..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

something for you to put on your desk in your office to brighten up your day. :D
100% handmade yo.

on saturday for brunch,
minghan and i tried popeyes after ages.

biscuits and chicken tenders.

some chicken and rice thing that minghan really liked.


spork! haha.

the food wasnt bad la, i liked the biscuits and chicken tenders.

later that afternoon, munyi, mei, suzen and i went to jou's place to play with crumbles.
her maid took crumbles out for a walk,
so we sat down and chatted with uncle stanley and aunty ivy.


ah siew came back after a bit.

she's damn crazy hyper la jou.

munyi and i stoned at her running around jou's garden,
it's a wonder how she didnt bang into anything.

heh. stone.

went for dinner with my mom, chantum and minghan at the curve.
bavarian bierhaus, i finally got to try the food there!

hungarian goulash.

wurstelplatte, sausage platter.
sounds like they named it after a sneeze or something.

roasted boneless leg of lamb.

mommy and chantum.


went for some dessert after that.
baskin robbins hokey pokey kicks ass!

heh world class chocolate.

heh chantum's so cute.

candid shot. gahahaha.

minghan and very nais canary yellow lamborghini.

went to pick up my dad from aeroline's bus station.
he brought back all the photos i asked my grandmother to develop :D
all 365 of them. mhmm.

went jasema with mark and zen after that.
they were having fun laughing at the stupid pictures.
and at minghan.

it's shocking, when you discover how small this world really is.
*points at picture
ha? where got?
his name is alex right?
no, it's ivan.
O.O. yeah.
shit. waddehell!?!

yup. scary shizz.

as for dinner on sunday, we went for mexican food, man i love mexican food.
the same place as the last time.
las carretas !
i really like their wine bottle fountain thing.

they ordered a pint of margarita.

daddy's bloody mary.

pina colada.

vanilla milkshake.

beef nachos.


with chicken and beef. :D

chili con carne.

wagyu cheeks.




tortadas supremo.

venetia, ben and dom.

daggles and moozie.

so my dad's birthday is coming up,
and they came out with their whole entourage.
he pointed at ben, and ben pointed to my dad.
confused the poor serenading waiters.

they're such kids, i tell you. overgrown ones.

lol at daggles's face.

the guy kneeling down in red tried to kiss my dad.
oh the horror.

minghan was having lots of fun laughing at my dad and ben. heh.

bmeh. i'm getting fat.

check out ben's new toy.
mei, now i know why you think this phone's damn yeng.

so SMKDU's been hit by h1n1.
will be praying for them for a speedy recovery.

and yeah i'm still going to school.