Tuesday, June 22, 2010

movies, football, japanese and daddy's day!

on friday, shawn and song came over to watch a few movies.

kickass, which was supremely vulgar and disgustingly idiotic,
and she's outta my league, which was a stoned-turned-funny movie.

noel came a bit later to catch the Germany vs Serbia match.
went upstairs to get my camera and this was the first thing i saw. lol.

mei, su-zen, lihwen, song and i went to zanmai for lunch the next day.
mmm. japanese food.

'i need to make different faces cause may's blog readers'll prolly get bored of my face.'

wenwen :D

song :D

meeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :O

agedashi tofu *tags ashvin*

lihwen ordered this japanese pancake. good stuff yo.

salmon don.

salmon belly :B

maki maki.

i had soba but i forgot to take a picture of it =x
but we were full after. mhmm, good lunch.

t'was a good day.

went to riblees with moozie and daggles that night.
early dinner at 6.30pm O______o

foreign beers are still the best.

caesar salad there was kinda bland.

mmm riblees steak. medium rare, just the way i like it.

jamaican pork. see the potatoes? they kick any other potato's ass outta this world.

happy daddy's day, daggles! :)

shall update about fete de la musique tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

shopping at sg wang with sue ann (check out the asonance yo)

so i didnt have my car over the last 3 days,
and i had it briefly today before it got all cranky again.

i swear, 9 year old cars are the most irritating things in the world.

anyway, over the last few days...

went shopping oh hell yeah.

took the bus + monorail to sg wang with sue ann.
all we did was to 'follow the crowd' LOL
damn, 5 and a half hours of shopping,
and we only managed to complete 6th floor! O___O

stopped by gasoline for a really late lunch, at around 5pm.
pinky day. lol sue ann and i have this inside joke about this drink.....

blue ocean. heh. tasted like 7up.

cheese baked rice. i still prefer wong kok's.

thanks for the productive day babe! :DDDD
we go again next week aye?

lace top - RM20
off shoulder top - RM20
fairy dress - RM 18
black wedges - RM 35
white cardigan - RM 10
checkered top - RM30
wayfarers - RM20
aviators - RM 15.

total spent: RM 168.

i love sg. wang. (sometimes).

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dinner with taufiqqyyy!

so after that, i took the ktm to mid valley and met up with taufiq.
ate at zouk cafe; never really got a chance to try out the place.

lol, talking, eating, watching the new zealand match.

headed over to alexis for dessert after that.

banofee pie omgggg yummy :D

haha. the taufiq face. still remember it from ivan's bday 6 months ago.

and i. got. to. sit. in. a. mazda. 3. sports. 2010. edition.

oh i can just die happy now :)

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su-zen's greatest wish come true.

so after a hell of a long wait and a lotta thought,
su-zen finally went to get her tattoo done. (with parents' consent, of course)

took her to black cat studio @sunway pyramid.
2 hours of finalizing the tattoo design and position, then they FINALLY got started.
yeah, check out that monster grip.
jaz and i felt like we were getting tattoos on our palms.

close-up of the outline.

so in about 15 minutes,
the outline was done.

continued with the filling in.
check out the redness yo.

final outcome. :)

you sure you won't regret yea?
ahh.. don't worry... if she regrets, karma will come back and bite her in the ass.

wise words, julian. (tattoo artist)

and look at the smile on her face.

ngaw. i'm happy i was there with you to enjoy your moment. really :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

makan makan with weewee.

a few weeks ago,
i promised nick, my gym buddy, that i'd bring him to a couple of places for good good food.
never though we'd actually do it, but hell yeah we did.

we went to rsc for gym first,
he drove. ahhh felt god to just sit back and relax for once.

first stop was segambut dalam. thank you noel for intro-ing me to that place,
i just can't stop going back there.
realized that nick's camera phobic, or camera shy.

seafood noodles @yu ai, segambut
chose tomyam soup; not too big a fan of clear soups and curry.

i've concluded that going there with su-zen's the most worth it,
cause she gives you ALL HER SEAFOOD. so you get double TEEHEE.

and if you're lucky, you'd get to see the waiters mixing their legendary chiili sauce.
check out that ladle man wtf it's like a shovel.

next stop was chilli pan mee @kin kin.
my sister and i can never get enough of this, seriously.

and yes, he had to take my runny egg and the yolk. yuck.

and then, beef ball noodles @soong kee. personal favourite.
mmmmmmmm............. i want.. i want.. i want..

ah, he smiles. :D

left the place and spotted this car..
poor thing lost an ear. heh looks damn imba.

well all that took us from 10.30am till 1pm.
not bad la not bad.

we actually wanted to stop by for roti babi @yuk kee..
but someone was a lil too full. haha.

thanks for driving, nick.
hope you had a good, hearty breakfast/brunch/lunch and possibly dinner. :D

oh well, i got my share of japanese food after he dropped me off at rsc after that. ;)
i normally dont eat that much, i swear. i was on a roll that day that's all.

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mid valley with the boys.

so after nick dropped me off at rsc,
i left for the residence to see my boys.

and song. :D

noel picked us up a short while later and headed towards mid valley.
met up with brandon's mom and we went to pasta zanmai for lunch/tea.
noel, brandon and mrs siong ate the japanese pasta thing.

song and i settled for dessert heh.
pathetic how they give only ONE scoop of green tea ice cream sigh.

mostly sat there and talked to brandon's mom for a whole afternoon,
and followed noel to get some camera and computer stuff.

before we knew it, it was 9pm already.
wanted to watch robin hood but i had to be back by 12am, so we decided against it.

stumbled upon strudles.
heck i thought this place was extinct! completely disappeared from bangsar and hartamas.
turns out they're in metrojaya, mid valley.

blueberry strudle

apple strudle.

believe it or not, each strudle's only RM6.
i used to think that they were like, i dunno, RM15 or something.

heh damn cute la when brandon tries to stuff his face.

noel and his new crumpler which he paid RM 44 for -________________-
since when did machines have a point accumulation card?!
he kept showing it off tsk.
remember not to carry it when you're wearing pink man.

you need to smile more.
you look like this all the time --> >:| .

headed to my place thinking that we could catch the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2010
but realized that we missed it.. by 24 hours. -________-

but we watched the second half of South Africa vs. Mexico. 1-1.
and i tell you, mexico was bloody lucky that night... referee kayu also.

went for dinner last night at the blue cow cafe with my parents @hartamas square.
ahha damn cute la the name.

i love meat. seriously.
mmmmm meat.

the three of us shared one platter. O________o

oh and happy father's day daddy!

went back to my place at 12am with song, asen and chris.
watched chicago (again) to pass time before the England vs. USA match.

nothing to say la.
green made a mistake, and howard was on fire that night.
watch it again.. and again.. and again here.
as if international screen replays werent enough.

we slept at 5am on the couch and i just sent the boys back to the residence.

but really,
come over if you wanna watch a match; just give me a call. :)
stocked up on lots of snacks (though it doesnt look like much here O___o)

sleep time, till 12pm.