Sunday, December 20, 2009

SMKDU PROM NIGHT 2009 *please leave page to load for >5 minutes for all pictures to load before reading.

oh, finally. took me so frigging long to get the photos organised and all.

hey, i'm serious when i said leave it to load okay.
your computer/browser might even hang for all i know.

7 months of stress finally gone out the window.
sheraton imperial, kl.
december 18th, 2009.

the theme was lifestyle of the rich and famous, but we didnt really put much emphasis on that
the deco was done up by the hotel, really pretty, really classy.
red tablecloth ain't so bad after all :D

registration started at 6pm, but standard malaysian timing and thanks to the traffic jam,
everything was pushed back.
spent most of the registration time taking pictures and socializing.

there was a red carpet waiting for us the moment the door opened.
aww, serene.

that's right, jia kai and terence, strut your stuff.

pauline strolled in like the superstar she really is(n't). ;)

our emcees, aik sha and aaron, i think.
thanks so much for helping us out on such short notice. :D

started off with a sizzling hot performance by karmen, shinyen and sunshine.
danced to candyman. oh my.

zul's band, d15 or something like that played 'can't take my eyes off you' and another number.

dinner was served after that. or more like,
we ran to the buffet area cause we were frigging hungry.
apparently, the food was quite good.

most of the time, people went around taking pictures and eating.

sat back down after an hour or so.
jonathan was really brave, went up to sing 'when you say nothing at all'.
dedicated to pauline lim. lol.

ikmal's band was up next. amir fadhly is a power drummer!

after that was a bit of a blur,
though i vaguely remember watchin people play the treasure hunt game.
yeah, neeraj went running up to aiksha with about 100 clutches.

after that, they started announcing the nominees for all the awards.
nominees for best dressed female:
shahreen, natasha, nadirah, yours truly, and zeeyin.

nominees for best dressed male:
amir, ikmal, david, chensern, and faiz.

and the winners for best dressed are...
natasha fong jane and amir abdul malik.

nominees for the best couple:
(the guys had to carry their girl and catwalk down the red carpet lol)
munyi and ed.
aiyoyo munyi was so shy.

jun and nauwar.
lol jun damn stoned.

and kun and pauline, who won. ;)

and the nominees for prom queen are..
meiyin, aiklynn and wan nadira.

and as for the prom king..

afiq said (and his bodygards, apparently)

and cv!

and the winners are..
meiyin. yup, our prom queen in her converse sneakers. that's why we love her.

and cv, who did the whole mJ crotch grabbing thing all the way down the catwalk.

the prom queen who doesnt give a damn about looking good but does anyway.

and the 100% kissable huggable lovable unbelievable cv ngeu. lol.

congrats you two!

so traditionally, the prom king and queen as well as the best couple gets the first slow dance.
lol. if you even call what they did a slow dance.

the other couples joined in after,
dancing to 'two is better than one' and er, what was the other song again?

after that, they opened the dance floor.
yeah we're pretty liberal when it comes to these kinda things. really!
things got pretty crazy on the dance floor, they were just dancing and jumping around,
others were taking pictures.

then i just had to barge in and make my emo nemo speech. haih.
''s only when you're tested that you truly discover who you are,
and it's only when you're tested that you discover who you can be..'

and then the last band, mei/jian's band finished it off.

and yoke was playing the keyboard. lol.

it seems pretty short,
but 90% of the night was taken up by a million and one photo takings by a thousand cameras.

no joke.

pictures. start. now.

suzen looking smoking hot in her dress.

raja iman getting some dessert.

jun's wearing salmon pink HAHAH.

keyao and lynnette.

justwin and nabilah.

nadira and audrey nathan.

i think this picture's really sweet. guess who?

supernova nauwar and superstoner jun.

aqilah and zul.

munyi, cheryl and mei.

cheryl and minn.

hazel, debra and suzen.

mark and suzen.

ed, trixha and munyi.

munyi, nick, trixha, siewmun, jo, and michael.

khyeyuen, amir, yangyi, mark and nic.

pauline, kun, nat, jou, yoke, mei, peckie and neeraj.

peiyeen, kartong, eemun and lihwen.

haikal, faiz, hanni, zhafri, nadira, raez, derek and dinesh.

ridfy!, yeeweng's date =x, yeeweng, inaz and victor.

hazel and suzen.

yeehua and choonhon.

nic and peiyeen.
ala nic why you blink -.-

keyao and natasha.

grace and serene.

minn and avey.

nick and trixha. rarrr.

mark and jou, just cause they match.

yeeweng and his date.

louis and nick.

hazel and yeehua. the focus is on your shoes omg so sorry =/

hanxern and steph.

peckie and horngqing.

sean and zara.
i tell you, there're too many variations of 'seans/shawns/shauns'.

horngqing and natasha.

i'm sorry to say i dont know their names =/ mei?

jo and trixha.

suzen and cheryl.

aiklynn and minghan.

jian and.. yeah =x i'm sorryyyy!

haikal and thianfook. my 1 musytari classmates.

hazel and cs.

kun and pauline, congrats again. ;)

zen and neeraj.

thianfook and amir.

zen and siewmun.
lol siewmun and her cavemen feet.

sean and mei.

lihwen and hazel.

cv and debra.

cv and elisha.

aiklynn and david.
i think aiklynn looked absolutely stunning that night, agree? :)

audrey and suzen.

kartong and serene with the prom queen.

peiyeen with the prom queen.

grace with the prom queen.
wow, zebra stripes. ;)

cathryn and amir.

derek and trixha.

zafira and elisha.

hmm, amir's friends O.o

najwa and her date.
another one who looked damn good that night.

sherlyn and yihjuen.

suzen and cs.
hmm somehow the camera doesnt seem to focus for zen's photos..

jou and kenvern.
thanks for helping out with the pictures kenvern!

nauwar and zen.

wen in her batman dress and khye yuen.

afiq said and aiklynn.

jian and cathryn. aww so sweet.

munyi and ed.

aaron and serene.

izzuddin! and izet. lol.

jo and suzen.

zen and mark.

mark and louis.

amar and his date.

zeeyin and jun.

haris and mark.

lynnette and keyao again.


and he's shahreen's date. :P

felina and yihjuen.

faiz and dinesh.

avey and neeraj.

the best couple again.

amir and minghan.

cheryl and yoke.

jou and mei.

aqilah and nauwar.

jou and yoke.
*hurls cupid arrows

avey and zen.

sexybacks natasha, cheryl and peckie.

classic zen-louis-hazel pimp picture.

jou, zu and elisha.

lihwen, louis and cathryn.

cheryl, kun and louis.

siewmun, cheryl and jo.

cs, zeeyin and derek.

farah, ikmal and nadirah.

adeline why you close your eyes!, peckie and avey.

louis, melvin and nick.

pauline, neeraj and chensern.

audrey, hanna and nadira.
i love nadira's dress.

zara, zu and pauline.

anthony, michael and chingfeng.

amir, minghan and yoke.

yoke, mark and minghan.

yoke, derek and cv.

owen, rifdy, SEAN SURAJ JEREMIAH!!!!, and victor.

louis, melvin, nick and cs.

zafira, shahreen, shahreen's date and kiren.

david, khyeyuen, chensern and david's cousin.

i love this picture, seriously.

adeline, rifdy, sean and avey.

avey, mark, sean and david.

thian fook, cv, melvin and derek.

zara, zu, zafira, shahreen and kiren.

my boyfriend is a pimp lol.

serene, grace, kartong, eemun and peiyeen.

wein, tucky, derek, thian food and cv.

choonhon, yeehua, cherhaow, lynnette, eemun and peiyeen.

kun, pauline, mark, sieuminn, jou and yoke.

avey, zen, lihwen, peckie, minn and cathryn.

ikmal, amir, haikal, zhafri, aiman and razlan.

big boys.

same big boys.

more big boys.

biggest boy. *points at amir.
lol at minghan.

check out jou and trixha wtf

avey your head's covering mah faceeeee.

CC gang?

the band. lol.
omar, mei, chongyan, these two lengluis, jian and yoke.

and again.
lol at chongyan.

jenwei really really stands out in the mass of black and steph. :P

may lim likes this photo.

lol at nabilah!

i think louis pimped overtime.

oh my. O.o

munyi and ed.

cheryl and mei?

kun and pauline again. lol.


and again. lol.

jou's eyes very small, lips very small also..

oh and of course,
thanks so much to our lovely juniors!
for helping us out with registration,

taking photographs and running around for us,

and for being our doormen. ;)

aikjean, so cute. lol.

lol if you ever want/need help for your prom next time just say the word la k?

and definitely,
7-di-belakang, we missed you that night, ashvin! :(

oh right, there're pictures of me with people too. :D

and just fyi,
i was aiming for the alice cullen from twilight look.
though some said i looked like storm from x-men. lol.

was called hayley williams, may cullen and paramore may for the whole night, besides my own.
happy belated one year anniversary? heh.

elisha and i.
loved her hair!

lynnette and i.
whoops, slightly pixellated. had to crop it.

zen and i.

wan nadira i really like your dress.
pixellated again. T.T

zeeyinnnnnn and i. :D

jambu, we're gonna burn you for not being there for this picture!

pixelated melvin and i.
it's like wearing heels doesnt make much of a difference when i'm next to him lol.

siewmun, daymm i'd tap that ;)

paris fong jane!
did you know: her mom did the jewelled details for her dress? ;)

cheryL my dahling, your earring kept getting stuck in your hair lol.

waaa yoke parked next to me in his glamour car hor.. ;)

serene and i. we match! :D

jo and i.
somehow, you look good in that colour. somehow.

peiyeen and i.
loved HER hair as well.

mei the prom queen and i.

kartong and i.
hopefully, you won't sleep in class next time yea? ;)

grace and i.
i'm liking the zebra stripes though i kept saying leopard prints for the last 24 hours. lol.

cs! the only other person i slow danced with besides zen and minghan.

cathryn and i. aww she looks so sweet here.

munyi and i. she bought that dress the day before prom. gengness.

kunquan pulling his trademarked smile. literally, :D.

yeehua and i. i like her shoes, though you cant really see much from here.

louis the pimp. :D

debra and i. see, good thing you wore that dress cause you look damn good in it. :D

avey my RSC partner, i'll miss you when you go to canada :(

lihwen and i, in her batman dress. lol!

dinesh really looked like james bond version india that night. with his coat on of course.

the best prom committee head anyone could ever ask for, told you she looked stunning. :)


pauline, told you you looked good in the pictures. ;)

bet you're gonna miss that.

sieuminn, oooo velvet. rarr.

mark and i. funnily enough, the blue doesnt cash with my hair.

kiren looked like areal princess that night. i loved her dress colour.

zu, thanks so much for coming in the end :)

derek, you bad boyy.

farah, najwa and nadirah and i.

peckie i like your necklaceee. damn princess diana, somehow. ;)

the funniest nutjob you will ever meet.

trixha we forgot to spam camwhore :O

neeraj and i. i think my parents and their friends scared your dad last night ;)

cv my prom king

david reminds me of the older versions of james bond. :P

haris and i.

sughi looked so cute that night omg!

shahreen has really transformed to become a bollywood star over the years.

eeleen, you need to eat more girl!

zafira's so cute hahaha.

jenwei reminds me of one of the kylie minogue videos. heh.

aaron wu had sweat literally dripping off his back :O
promise i'll return your hard drive soon!

felina looked dan good in her toga dress.

justwin and i.

audrey's dress is damn awesome.

haikal, my 11 year-old friend. times flies, my old buddy. :)

inaz has a canon dslr too!

aqilah's headband matches my hair :D

tucky i still remembered what you looked like in primary school shorts. damn cute!

adeline looked so good that night. so, so good. haha.

edward and i.

thian fook and i. i see standard one moral books :P

faiz and i. run baby, run. ;)

keyao and i. aiyo i'm gonna miss your cina-ness la.


and leejouuuuuinnnnn

mmhmm :D

and the picture of the night..

so that's our prom for you.
and of course, those arent all my pictures.
click here to get the rest of the photos i might've missed out on.
i deleted quite a lot of blur ones, from 551 it narrowed down to 338.

and yeah, i really really apologize profusely for all the horrible picture taking.
i really need to figure this camera out. =/ anyone willing to give me a crash course? x(
i'll leave this post on for a while then i'll leave a direct link to this post somewhere la.

hope you guys enjoyed prom to the fullest,
and hope you guys are satisfied with my pictures.
it's 4.30am so forgive me if this post is quite dull la yea?

you can sit beside me when they world comes down,