Friday, November 6, 2009

Druggie in the making.

Was on augmentin antibiotics,
and little green cough pills and yellow runny nose pills.

Tried googling the named of the colourful pills
but all I got was 'green flem', 'yellow mucus'. Yuck.
Nah ping, literally HOMEwork for you.

Two weeks later,
had a bottle of prospan cough syrup
and little white green cough pills.

I've finished everything, including the cough syrup.

i'm on zithromax antibiotics,
phensedyl cough mixture
and clarinase flu pills.

And as the doctor said,
'it will knock you out'.

Kill me, please.

and if you're wondering how much plem the human lungs can tak
well, 4 going on 5 weeks worth so far.

Let's just hope it won't drag on till spm
otherwise the people in the same room as me will be very annoyed indeed.