Sunday, March 28, 2010

what's been going on lately.

44 days.

that's how long i've not come back here.
i'm sorry, my poor neglected blog and readers. i still love you guys.
life's been busy and hectic, i barely carried denise (the camera) anywhere over the last 6 weeks.

i know i said i'd come back with a so-called bang, but i guess time isn't with me this time round.
so i'll just post up a all that i've got.. so far.

spent chinese new year in penang as usual.
this year's family portrait which is still my desktop wallpaper. :D

chinese new year + penang = food!

slept over at carrie's place (which was in the middle of no where) when i came back from penang.

got baptised a few days later at ANC. :).
thank you daddy, ivan and zhenchi for coming; really meant a lot to me. :D

steamboat at my place on the day before chap goh meh. lots of people didnt turn up,
but the old gang stood by me the whole time. i love you all. :)

of course not forgetting the college mates who came and ate the food. much love. :D

brought forward some of that leftover steamboat to denise's chap goh meh rooftop party.

and brought forward MORE of that steamboat (yes, i had THAT much) and the gang came over.
ahh felt good to have them back at my place.

lookout point, hulu langat with this new bunch of people i've been hanging out with lately.
and lately would mean, like, every frigging day. LOL.

edward's birthday at his place. the gang again :)
(didnt get a picture with him so natasha shall grace the picture of this caption)

kaka, aunty mon and tingting came for a few days.
didnt get to spend much time with them cause they came during campaign week.

and yeah,
ran for president of the student council.

had the best gang of gungho supporters, ever. :').

but i fell of the stage. and lost the battle.

in all honesty, i'm totally happy with the results.
sure it's a slight slap in the face (and a big hole in my wallet)
but i'm really happy that the council's made up of awesome, capable people. :)

went to the education fair at KLCC for 2 sundays in a row,
and celebrated kevinyap's 18th on one of the days.

went for kun's bday surprise at mini DU court.

went emo for the rest of the night for some odd reason.

celebrated mommy's birthday last friday at antonio's with daddy's gang. and song. lol.

and SASA's gonna be keeping me busy for nearly every saturday from now on.

seems like nothing much's been going on,
but for some reason i don't seem to have time to do anything anymore.

time to just hang out with people, for fun and not for birthdays and whatnot.
time to really sit my ass down and study with 100% concentration.
time to plop myself on my bed just to read a good book.
time to reflect.
time to think.
time for myself.

oh yeah. there's a lot to think about right now in a really short time.
college isnt helping much either, with LAN twice a week draining me dry.
thank god my tuesday and wednesday afternoons would be free soon,
that is, IF i pass my LAN. i sure hope i would.

still going crazy when i can. it's the only way i keep myself sane.

ironic, isnt it?

i'm back, bitches. :)