Monday, February 1, 2010

claypot chicken rice with jou, mei and nat. :D

sigh. it was so sad how i couldnt spend that much time with you when you were back here, jou.
hope you're doing okay at your dorms and at school and stuff. :)

one fine day, when we were all gathered at jou's,
we got a lil hungry.

remember long long time ago,
you mom used to bring you to this kinda corner-ish coffee shop
next to an open air parking lot near atria?

and when you walk in, you smell the claypot chicken rice..
...and hear the aunty screaming her head off at her workers?

she moved; up the road.
and she's a seemingly pleasant person now. thank god.
claypot chicken rice kicks my ass anyday baby.
i feel like having some right NOWWW.

jou and may.

jou and nat.

mei and nat.

mei and may! heeheehee iShyiokSendiri.

nat and may.

jou and mei.

natashaaaaaa x)

heh O___o.

went to ou after that to get sieuminn's EXTREMELY belated bday present.
mei's nissan.


went to sieuminn's house after that.
jou and nat, who haven't seen beemer before, went nuts.
well beemer is damn cute la so nothing wrong with that.
typical. lol.

beemer grew quite a bit since i saw him.

ahhh sieu minn. the one i see the least among the 7db.
i miss seeing the people in class/school.

oh and i found this picture that didnt seem to fit in the post but i thought was damn cute.
heehee. mei looks like benedict, no?
this is so AH-VAH-TAH. or avatar, whichever the malaysians choose to say it.

i know, i know, PAINTBALL!!!!!

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