Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Ivan!

feels good to be blogging about something other than london and paris. seriously. -.-

anyway, ivan turned 18 yesterday!
waiyan and isaac, ivan's brother, planned a surprise dinner for him at bubbagump's.
note to self: must remember to give suzen the forrest gump dvd.

so i picked up nick and walked around ikea for a while before meeting up with the rest at 6.

hui ying, sam, andrew paul and carriechoochoo.

carrie, james, andrew chong and eeleen.

ivan came in at 730 ish. malaysian timing betul.
oh yeah, he was surprised. very surprised.

took quite a while to order our food.
i have mixed feelings for shrimp. hmm.

but in all honesty, the food there was not bad at all.

though, i gave james and taufiq most of my fries. heh.

lynn and i spent most of the night taking pictures.

melanie and waiyan.

andrew chong, eeleen and eric.

iryan and bianca.

waiyan, ali and taufiq.

carrie, nenlin (marilyn? O__o) and suet yun.

waiyan and carrie.

ivan, james and weng onn.

bianca, ivan, melanie and waiyan.

mickey mouse! ahaha soKute.

the three of them, specially mel and waiyan were going damn high
....cause lynn kept trying to take candid shots of them. -______-

witchface nenlin with her cauldron.

waiyan, james, zen and jaz.
tahahaha jaz blinked.

eeleen and eric.

so like fridays, italliannies, chillies and etc, bubba gumps have their birthday celebrations as well.
but quite fail la, seriously.
never go there if your sole purpose is to be sung to by a bunch of waiters.
so ivan had to stand on a chair and sing wei yi by wang lee hom (he chose LOL)

'shake your booooootaaayyy; shake shakee!'

huff and puff and blow the candle away?
(lol, mei and jou, i've yet to post up that picture)

group pictureeeee! minus lynn and i.

a couple of ivan's church friends surprised him too. so sweet. haha.

now, i ain't she's a gold digger..

and the bill, O_____O.
but then again, thinking of the number of people who were there..

carrichoochootrain and i. :D

andrew chong, andrew sachdev, and andrew paul. :D

doing the taufiq. LOL.

the hui ying looks like suzen over here TAHAHAHA.

jaz, you are disgusting. BLEURGHHH.

zen and carrie.

jaz and zen.

shots with the bday boyyy.
ivan and zen.

andrew s, ivan and zen.

ivan and carriee.

aaron, zen kacau and ivan.

bromance kao kao. kimchi/wengonn and ivan.

and yours truly. :)

i had an awesome time. mhmm. :)

right right, PAINTBALL NEXT!