Sunday, January 31, 2010

LONDON - PARIS TRIP: DAY 9 (the last day.)

finally; the last day.

went to camden town again when all the shops were open.
you see super funky stuff there.
i saw an old angmo lady dressed up all goth and all. freaky.

managed to get into that super huge sainsbury's (it's not THAT big laaaa)
and stocked up on all the chocolates we could get.

headed to chinatown for lunch.
wong kei, supposedly their waiters there are really rude but they seemed fine to me.

greens. ahh.


brinjalll :D

i prefered this duck to the four seasons.
'more malaysian'; according to jie. guess that means less fatty heh.


intestines mou? =s
i didnt really like it though. had that weird porky taste/smell.

our last meal in central london!

dropped by lilywhites; this super huge super cheap sports outlet.
can die in there seriously. the stuff there was relatively cheap.

went to picadilly circus to watch the phantom of the opera.
mhmm, thanks to jie and ping we managed to get tickets.
dr jack and cynthia went to watch wicket; a prequel to the wizard of oz.

one word: EPIC.

and we sat reaaaaaaaly high up. right on top.

we needed binoculars. seriously.

left the place and walked around a bit.
big teddy bear that tried to molest me. =.=

took a van kinda thing to the airport.
tomato and mozerella salad. the one in paris was nicer.

fish and chips!

and the last picture of the trip :)

so that's the last day of london/paris. THANK GOD.

paintball next!