Monday, December 14, 2009

mei's post SPM partayyyyy.

so on the 9th after everyone's exam was finished,
mei had a post spm bbq party at her place.
aiklynn's star bbq wings.

never seen peiyeen so close to a dog that big before.

so a number of them were hard at work..
others were just. well, celebrating. :D

there were lots of people there. mhmm.

mei's basketball court was finally used after.. how long? lol.

yeah. surprised her lawn didnt sink i tell you.

borrowed flysheets from the den i think?

and a millipede crawled up siewmun's back while moon bathing.

mei's rusty swings were of use too.

hhaha. damn cute.

and apparently, frisbee is the new in thing. O.o

ashvin, siewmun and natasha went nuts dancing and singing to the songs.

siewmun and natasha are DAMN hilarious i tell you.

siewmun giving me the sexy.

mikki giving me the sexy.

aiklynn is the sexy.

yoke ain't so sexy.

jou loves them sexy.


loner keriungan.

siewmun, munyi and natasha.

don't you guys have a picture exactly like this from somewhere?

ed, mel and natasha.

mamma nauwar, pappa jun and baby pauline. sokute.

hazel and debra.

sherwin and aaron.

pauline, minghan and aiklynn.

the 'power' couple, aiklynn and horng qing.

aaron chip and david.

nic and azwan.

nee, peiyeen and elisha.

minghan and mark.

mark and sherwin.

victor, mei and siu mun.

jou the tall one and mei, who're having an awesome time in krabi now.

aiklynn and pauline.

peiyeen and yanleng.

ashvin and debra.

sieuminn and mei.

neeraj and schmoozen.

ashvin and NOVAAAAAA

mei and cheryl.

zu, ruiching and zara.

i think it got too hot outside heh.

we should do stuff like this more often. i mean, not bbq but just stoning in flysheets at mei's.

dontcha think? :D

and maybe order a pizza or ten.

mhmm wenwen aik pauline and natasha.

family portraits.


hahaha it's like shorts-----jeans------shorts.

haha i remember horng qing complaining about this picture.

oh DAMN we didnt get a mr tan tuition picture.

keledangs! siewmun was missing.



SJKc D'sara!


ashvin's so cute i wanna pinch her.

7 di belakang. :)

okay sorry for the late and short update.

prepare to be surprised, everyone.