Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HELP SASA dining etiquette.

the SASA-rians of 2010 were invited for some dining etiquette thing at the HELP residence.

when i arrived i felt REALLY nervous for some weird reason.
maybe because i was freaking OVERDRESSED to the max
'eh, you going for prom ah?'
and cause of the red hair and all.
yeah. well i made quite a number of friends when people started warming up to each other.
iHappy :D

they had really simple and pretty decorations. :D

i'm not too sure who the guy is, but the lady's eve, our speaker. kinda.

the only DU-rians who went, jenny (top) and vanessa (right).

our supposed white and red wine. lol. the red tasted like medicine x|

and they served:
french onion soup.

some fish fillet thingy.

seafood au gratin.

and.. some weird cheesecake thing.

yeaa well the food they served wasnt all too good
but there were over 70 of us there and we didnt have to pay.

sat next to vinod, from la salle PJ. he knows ms. jancie!

suzen's soul mate i tell you. they're both equally SESAT.
heh, wei gin from SMK SBU

us with xin yi, also from SBU.

bouncy raisins, right? :P

vinod was kinda surrounded by girls the whole time.
boohoo to you la salle people who didnt come. :P

jenny, all the wat from pahang.

kah meng, SASA senior who was from DJ. O.o

lady boss, mershel. i like her dress.

ahha damn cute. with ruby.

and apple. lol both of them came over to take picture with my.. hair.

random group picture when everything was over.

my pictures are getting worse and worse.
shit i need to learn how to use my camera pronto, before going to UK. ><

and i need an external flash. and a zoom lens. and a camera bag.
and while you're at it we need a new house phone too -.-

okay. songs i REALLY recommend.

` for your entertainment - adam lambert.
` hello seattle - owl city
` boys & girls - pixie lott
` obvious - faber drive
` body language - jesse mccartney
` beautiful, dirty, rich - lady gaga.

yeah screw the fact that adam lambert is gay,
and really, the jesse mccartney song is realy catchy. :D

and i love gaga. i dedicate my strawberry hair to her.

do you know what you got into
can you handle what i’m about to do
cause it’s about to get rough for you
i’m here for your entertainment

and yeah, did you really think i was kidding when i said i was gonna dye my hair red?