Sunday, December 6, 2009

the return of the jou.

the banner we made for her in like, ten minutes.

so jou (pronounced jew since 'you' sounds like 'yew') is back from the land down under.
summer holidays, they call it. she'll be back in our faces till early february.

ahh, first jou-may picture with denise. heh.

she brought back lots of snacks for us.
mei's favourite monte carlo, timtam, shapes, jelly beans, etc

got to her house at about, say, 1030ish? and left at about one. heh.
lol, mei just dug through her luggage like nobody's business.

and, of course, lots of pictures were taken.

fifteen minute notice sia. lol.

lunch was at village park the next day.

we took up the table right at the back.

ah, pictures of food, i miss you.

mei's dinosaur. i remember drinking this and getting tonsillitis the next day.

pauline's food that took her about 10 hours to finish.

their signature fried chicken. mmmm yum yum.

and mark introduced me to this new thing,

you know, the crispy stuff that comes with the chicken?
we had extra 4 plates of that and i think i finished 2. =x

oh and my bad mark, the wedding she was supposed to go to was at night :P

ngawww, peckie the vulgar one.

somehow, this reminds me of gossip girl. heh.

nat, me (in my new vest :P) and kun.

pauline and jou.

mei and munyi.

pun and kauline.

cheryl and munyi.

jou, mei and cheryl, i think i have a picture exactly like this somewhere around..

munyi and minn.

louis and jou.

siewmun and natasha.

peckie and mei. lol shit no picture of mei and cheryl =x

and, another one of these. lol yoke and louis.

so yeah, just a short update with pictures (lol sorry michael).
updates about the other stuff would be up after chemistry. :D

and chemistry, honestly, is looking pretty bad for me.
will be at rsc studying for spm for the last time tmr with avey, oh daymnn.

but then again,
one more day, folks.

they judge by the way she looks,

p/s: if you're wondering why the pictures are so phenomenally huge,
well i have no idea either. i'm using flickr now. sorry if it takes aeons to load.