Monday, December 14, 2009

evolution of maylim's hair part 2.

part 1 was back in august when i wanted to cut it shorter.

now it's after spm and we've got (almost) no limits anymore. right paris fong? :P
goodbye, jet black hair. i'll miss you and i'm sure i'll see you once again someday.

wenwen got her hair dyed too, but something a lil more subtle.

thanks suzen and debra for waiting for us :D

are you readeh bitttcccchhhhaaasssss :D

oh, blonde works for me baby.

and it was so cool how i watched my hair literally transform from black to orangey blonde.

heh i had the best friend disapproval for this colour.

but dont worry, that wasnt the colour i wanted at all in the first place.
mhmm. it hurt quite a bit. peroxide, you know.

call me ariel baby, i'll take you under the sea.

back view and debra.

side view. :D

wanted it a bit darker, a la paramore's hayley williams but this works for me too. :D

i love lihwen's copper colour though. hahaha.

went to kd again to get pick up our dresses.
lihwen loves denise hahaha.

in the end, the lady needed one more day to do our dresses after a final fitting.
we've gotta get back there tomorrow -.-

went to chilly pan mee, opposite suzen's hairstylist in kd.
wenwen and zen.

debra and i.

hahahaha suzen parasiteeee.

wen wen, new fb picture for you!

i like my hair. i know it can be quite shocking, but i suppose thats the point.

comments? :D
good and bad,
the cbox is yours my biggest critics!

shoes and clutch.