Thursday, December 10, 2009

shopping for the prom dress is a pain in my quadriceps.

prom is exactly 8 days away.
ladies, if you havent gotten yourselves a dress, START SEARCHING ALREADY.

suzen, lihwen, avey and i went to kota damansara cause there were SO MANY boutiques there.
it's becoming pj's bangsar, seriously. damn happening la that place. just cheaper, abit.

needed to pick lihwen up, but she wasnt awake at 12pm. -.-
her phone's the phone model that i wanted. DAMN PRETTY.

and her dad is so odd.
he stuck the P sticker in the middle. lolwtf.

her slippers are damn cute though.

took them to neighbourhood kopitiam for lunch.
the Ho brothers were there too, so we just joined tables with them.
mingyue and his kiwi bubble tea.


the main reason why i took them there was to try the carbonara.
DAMN KICKASS. seriously.

thanks mingyue for introducing it to me. oh and mingli too. :D

heh suzen thought it was damn jelak after a while, but yeah. iLike.

started our prom dress shopping around the boutiques after that.
the shops there had really funky names complimented with really funky clothes.

and we had to walk up so many flights of stairs.

no kidding. 90% of the shops were on the 1st floor.

lihwen was physically attached to denise. hahaha.


so yeah we tried lots of stuff on while the others gave their opinion.
leather. kinky.

lihwen, seriously send this photo to that website or whatever okay?

of course we tried prom dresses, mostly la.

most of the dresses had a catch to it, like too short, too plain, etc etc. mhmm.

but in the end, the lihwen, suzen and i found our dresses.
from the same shop! hahaha. we were there for over an hour.
thanks avey for coming along even though you've gotten yours already.

no pictures of our dresses.
you all just wait till the 18th lah.
and lihwen, zen, avey, remember our promise ya ;D

monochrome. iStone.

mei's bbq party update tomorrow!
sorry, didnt have much sleep since the 7th.

i'm so tired =.=