Thursday, June 17, 2010

su-zen's greatest wish come true.

so after a hell of a long wait and a lotta thought,
su-zen finally went to get her tattoo done. (with parents' consent, of course)

took her to black cat studio @sunway pyramid.
2 hours of finalizing the tattoo design and position, then they FINALLY got started.
yeah, check out that monster grip.
jaz and i felt like we were getting tattoos on our palms.

close-up of the outline.

so in about 15 minutes,
the outline was done.

continued with the filling in.
check out the redness yo.

final outcome. :)

you sure you won't regret yea?
ahh.. don't worry... if she regrets, karma will come back and bite her in the ass.

wise words, julian. (tattoo artist)

and look at the smile on her face.

ngaw. i'm happy i was there with you to enjoy your moment. really :)