Thursday, June 17, 2010

shopping at sg wang with sue ann (check out the asonance yo)

so i didnt have my car over the last 3 days,
and i had it briefly today before it got all cranky again.

i swear, 9 year old cars are the most irritating things in the world.

anyway, over the last few days...

went shopping oh hell yeah.

took the bus + monorail to sg wang with sue ann.
all we did was to 'follow the crowd' LOL
damn, 5 and a half hours of shopping,
and we only managed to complete 6th floor! O___O

stopped by gasoline for a really late lunch, at around 5pm.
pinky day. lol sue ann and i have this inside joke about this drink.....

blue ocean. heh. tasted like 7up.

cheese baked rice. i still prefer wong kok's.

thanks for the productive day babe! :DDDD
we go again next week aye?

lace top - RM20
off shoulder top - RM20
fairy dress - RM 18
black wedges - RM 35
white cardigan - RM 10
checkered top - RM30
wayfarers - RM20
aviators - RM 15.

total spent: RM 168.

i love sg. wang. (sometimes).

keep scrolling!