Sunday, June 13, 2010

mid valley with the boys.

so after nick dropped me off at rsc,
i left for the residence to see my boys.

and song. :D

noel picked us up a short while later and headed towards mid valley.
met up with brandon's mom and we went to pasta zanmai for lunch/tea.
noel, brandon and mrs siong ate the japanese pasta thing.

song and i settled for dessert heh.
pathetic how they give only ONE scoop of green tea ice cream sigh.

mostly sat there and talked to brandon's mom for a whole afternoon,
and followed noel to get some camera and computer stuff.

before we knew it, it was 9pm already.
wanted to watch robin hood but i had to be back by 12am, so we decided against it.

stumbled upon strudles.
heck i thought this place was extinct! completely disappeared from bangsar and hartamas.
turns out they're in metrojaya, mid valley.

blueberry strudle

apple strudle.

believe it or not, each strudle's only RM6.
i used to think that they were like, i dunno, RM15 or something.

heh damn cute la when brandon tries to stuff his face.

noel and his new crumpler which he paid RM 44 for -________________-
since when did machines have a point accumulation card?!
he kept showing it off tsk.
remember not to carry it when you're wearing pink man.

you need to smile more.
you look like this all the time --> >:| .

headed to my place thinking that we could catch the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2010
but realized that we missed it.. by 24 hours. -________-

but we watched the second half of South Africa vs. Mexico. 1-1.
and i tell you, mexico was bloody lucky that night... referee kayu also.

went for dinner last night at the blue cow cafe with my parents @hartamas square.
ahha damn cute la the name.

i love meat. seriously.
mmmmm meat.

the three of us shared one platter. O________o

oh and happy father's day daddy!

went back to my place at 12am with song, asen and chris.
watched chicago (again) to pass time before the England vs. USA match.

nothing to say la.
green made a mistake, and howard was on fire that night.
watch it again.. and again.. and again here.
as if international screen replays werent enough.

we slept at 5am on the couch and i just sent the boys back to the residence.

but really,
come over if you wanna watch a match; just give me a call. :)
stocked up on lots of snacks (though it doesnt look like much here O___o)

sleep time, till 12pm.