Sunday, June 13, 2010

makan makan with weewee.

a few weeks ago,
i promised nick, my gym buddy, that i'd bring him to a couple of places for good good food.
never though we'd actually do it, but hell yeah we did.

we went to rsc for gym first,
he drove. ahhh felt god to just sit back and relax for once.

first stop was segambut dalam. thank you noel for intro-ing me to that place,
i just can't stop going back there.
realized that nick's camera phobic, or camera shy.

seafood noodles @yu ai, segambut
chose tomyam soup; not too big a fan of clear soups and curry.

i've concluded that going there with su-zen's the most worth it,
cause she gives you ALL HER SEAFOOD. so you get double TEEHEE.

and if you're lucky, you'd get to see the waiters mixing their legendary chiili sauce.
check out that ladle man wtf it's like a shovel.

next stop was chilli pan mee @kin kin.
my sister and i can never get enough of this, seriously.

and yes, he had to take my runny egg and the yolk. yuck.

and then, beef ball noodles @soong kee. personal favourite.
mmmmmmmm............. i want.. i want.. i want..

ah, he smiles. :D

left the place and spotted this car..
poor thing lost an ear. heh looks damn imba.

well all that took us from 10.30am till 1pm.
not bad la not bad.

we actually wanted to stop by for roti babi @yuk kee..
but someone was a lil too full. haha.

thanks for driving, nick.
hope you had a good, hearty breakfast/brunch/lunch and possibly dinner. :D

oh well, i got my share of japanese food after he dropped me off at rsc after that. ;)
i normally dont eat that much, i swear. i was on a roll that day that's all.

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