Saturday, June 12, 2010

so the exams are over and i'm back :)

okay i know i've been gone for a REALLY long time.


i'm back with a lot of pretty photos!
...from my absolutely bombastically phenomenally awesome 18th birthday.
which lasted for like, i dunno, 48 hours? :D

they're all over facebook but it's some sorta significance to me so bear with me.

headed over to movida at sunway giza on the 28th
with chris, asen, noel, brandon, kevin, zara and song.
30 buckets of heineken. minus 2 cause i accidentally overturned a table and broke two :O

with the habitants of room 4.12. ahh that room's like my second home yo.

brandon and noel. crazy buggers who're full of crap 99% of the time.

asen. the dude wears shaded glasses all the time, damn cool.

zara, you dont look fat in this picture la please.

aww. zara and kevin.

basically just drank and drank and talked and listened to the music.

they surprised me at twelve with a cake, and the dj wished me happy bday O.o.
hee. i love you guys. thank you :)

;D. thanks for taking care of me that night, you. heh.

went for bakuteh at ss3 with the family and ben.
our bag-hanging thingies are cool right right?

mmm. bakuteh. mmmmmmmmmm............

went to sunway giza (again) for the chicpop bazaar with suzen and ping.
heh sneaky sneaky.

not used to a camera shy ping. heh.

that night, had a small dinner party thing at antonio's.

i love that place, the food there is awesome.

Antonios Trat toria Calabria.
32A Jalan Wan Kadir 4,
Off Jalan Damansara
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur.

the night started off slow, most people came at 8ish.
heh. my favourite present for the day ;)

i chose to not completely unwrap it tho. heeee. poor boy.

dinner was buffet style, outside at the back.
heh it was pretty packed at the back.

salad, bruschetta, meatballs, pasta, chicken, and tiramisu. mmm.

mmm stupid boy who left halfway. >:(

but he came back in time for the crazy surprises i got from everyone.
1) cake. from. alexis. mixed. berries. meringue. oh heaven. heaaaavveeeennnn.

2) big, big, BIG and MANY presents i totally didnt expect. no joke, i really didnt.
lol, i love them DUs;
presents wrapped in newspaper. epic. i love the apple lamp especially, seriously.
and of course, HELPians;
you guys really trying to imply that i should wear more costume jewellery man lol!
but really, i love every single damn one of em,

and to be honest, the biggest present of the night..
3) my present unexpectedly gave me a totally unexpected present.
i. love. it.
really. seriously. :))))))))).

not that much of a stupid boy. for a while la. ;)

didnt get many picture of what happened that night, more to pictures with people. :)
ping. hahaha my awesome possum sister :D

and smoozie the best friend that planned all this. :))))))))

noel, sorry for the whole kiddies wonderland thing. x)

ah siong a.k.a my 'econs lecturer' to my mom. lol.

STONER! i just realized that our bdays are 1 week apart lol.

nicoleL, sorry for getting you into trouble that night =/

nicoleW, you should check your facebook more often lol.

nice heels, trisha. rarr ;)

lynn was smoking hot that night yo.

natalieeeeee ngaww sokute wujuwujuwuju

michelle, sorry that you had to leave so early..

hanson, not bad ah you found your way to my place. :D

jingles, sorry for getting you lost at ttdi lol you and kevin damn sesat.

kevinyap, i be coming to klang sooooooonnnnnn! bkt bkt bkt!

kareeeeeem, you give the best hugs everrrr.

desiree, yes zebra stripes count! ;)

daphne, hope you feeling loads better :)

dennis, we are gaga over GaGa. you boy, are a monsterrrr.

eeleen ahhhh i still have your shoes! :O

captain vivien chew, hope your dog will be fine soon :)

sueannnn! thanks for looking up and down for a striped top heehee.

same to you, diksha :P thank god chicpop was on the same day huh? ;)


nick chin. we needa catch up, really really :)

fiqqy, i haven't woken you up in a while. O.o

ivanlim, bollywood bollywood!

ali, i forgot how to write my name in persian! :(

carrie choochoo, thanks for coming all the way from bkt jalil :)

jaz, faster get your license i wanna try sitting through your driving :P

waiyan, you crazy nocturnal. ily :)

MAAARRRRRKKKKK. gosh, you're so tall. BFG yo.

NATASHAAAAAA i likey your flats heeee.

pau i'm gonna miss you bunches when you leave.

heh, last time i updated was when you left. glad you're back ponzie :)

*nudge* i like your hair colour hazel. ;)

wayne, you owe me my booze from langkawi.
and i'm holding you to your word about my flaming lambo next bday!


trixha we forgot our camwhoring tradition O.o

i love this picture, mei. :)))))))

louis stop dressing like a semi apek :P

gene, why so surprised when i was dinner at antonio's was on me? ;)

debra, the only one who wore a striped BOTTOM :)

omg it took 7 times to get edwards attention fixed on the camera.

yoke! tabur, soon k?

i still remember your pink shorts back in 08, mel. :)

aiklynnnn i many likey your top. in more ways than one ;)

neeraj, thank your dad for me for everything.
and that i left my GaGa CD there and i'm having withdrawal symptoms.


cs, sorry for kidnapping your pink zippo for a good 2 weeks heee.

wenwen, 'excuse me miss, this place is closed for a private function' HAHAHA.
my daddy said its cause you werent in stripes ;)

cheryl, dont listen to shawn, the shoes look fine with your dress ;)

and last but not least,
thank you shawn for being my photographer that night! :) movie day coming soon!

ohana; still the best of the best :)

GaGa mania baby. me with the skinny gang lol.

nat and ann look like sisters here, somehow O.o

mmmm rarrr ;)

sexy men. and dennis.

lol neeraj and kevin damn gay.

look at the iphones laaa tsk.

kevin, you pimp wannabe.

mmmm looking at this picture somehow made me miss blogging. heh.

thanks, everyone. :)))))

really glad that everyone i wanted to celebrate my 18th with was there with me.
except the few that couldnt make it but oh well, you were there in spirit ;)

i was all smiles that night. could you guys tell? ;)

got me like, ohh myy gosh,
i'm so in love; i found you finallyy,
it make me wanna say
oh, oh , oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh,
ohh myy goshhhh

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk