Saturday, August 23, 2008

di kelab yatch diraja port dickson.

first thing's first!
don't ask why i'm using blogspot now, really.
just dont :)


she's all grown up now :)
*the next post will explain the above sentence.


i'm so happy, i can shit rainbows.

mwaxmwax, thankyou mumsie :)

and of course,
PD wasn't at all what i expected.
people told me to expect overcrowded and polluted beaches filled with sandflies and murky water.
misled, much?

we stayed at the clubhouse, chaperoned by mommy yeoh.
it's ridiculous that the nation classifies 16 year olds as KIDS.

of course, nothing compared to the east coast, but it'll do, no?

drizzled quite a lot when we were there,
but we arrived at 10 and could only check in at one.
so we headed for the beach anyway, which was private btw.
prolly the reason why it wasnt overcrowded then.

ooh, did i mention that jou got her slr?

cheryl, people normally use tissue, not leather bags yeah?

went back to the club for brunch with mommy yeoh.

went back to the beach after brunch to check out the banana boats and jetskis.
i was playing with the water, wasnt paying attention. heh.

at the lobby where we dumped our stuff prior to check in.

heck, i think the rooms at the clubhouse're awesome.

changed and, well, went back to the beach again.

"eh.. jou you look like superman with the cape.. remember edna mode? kekeke"

"no hands!!"

they tried doing a jumpshot in water lol.

they found these tiny tiny hermit crabs,
and started hunting for more.

"oooh! let's let them mate. since this is the bigger one, you shall be emmett and you shall be rosalie."

munyi and i found a more.. different kinda hermit.

cheryl was trying to pull emmett outta it's shell.

i think they were getting ready to tan.
i can't tell.

psst, suzen!
i got some too xD xD

skipped tea and went back to the room to detoxify ourselves.

and we went back to the beach again.
eh it's pd la okay, nothing else to do there besides looking at deer.

oh, and there was this camera crew there filming some drama.
nope, no famous people there.

sunset :)

..she was trying to catch a squash ball in her mouth.
big dreams this girl has.

dinner was both bad and good.
we waited almost an hour for our food at our reserved table
but the food was great.
make any sense?

jou, cheryl and i shared for a cake for munyi and mei's birthday surprise.

"eh miss.. tak cukup tempat untuk tulislah"
"okay.. happy birthday m&m la"

we ordered some white-egg-covered-icecream-with-honeydew-and-cake-flamed-with-brandy-dessert..
it's called bombe alaksa. me.

"i'm so full i can puke out a horse"

back at the room..

cheryl was trying to do a mei.

dont know what got into us,
but we started having this fitness training thing after that.
prolly guilt from all that food at dinner O.o

i crunched for 2mins17seconds!

the next morning,

*enlarge to zoom into leejouyin's face

spot the M,
dedicated to mei.

as usual, back to the beach.

tanning, again.

"eh i dont want my face to get any blacker. or my shins"

played in the water for the last time.

lunch was sinful.
sorryla cheryl. ><

was supposed to go to the deer farm,
but it looked more like a palace so we just drove past it.
the ride home was pretty quiet.

PD was great, guys.

mwaxmwax :D
next stop, somewhere in t'gannu k?

on another note,

eh darling.
dont la call me a sinner for eating lamb.
lookit you =P


coming up,

i'm beat,

p/s: welcome to my new blog!