Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Zara!

i know it's kinda early,
but happy birthday zara :)
(p/s: 12th of september, guys! same goes to keam sunn.)

jou, mei and pauline were at my house before the party.

now you know why i said my mei's all grown up.
*honey, you look good alright. im freaking serious.

my parents gave us a ride to holiday villa at subang where zara had her party.

as usual. x)

a lot of people. :)

"omg!!! she loves me! she loves me!!"


steph, elisha, kiren, shahreen.

how many already? =P

"i tell you ah, you see these two (points to me and mei camwhoring with other people) are professionals man. professional camwhores. angles always very exact one."
*leans over to take a picture with hq.
"you see you see!!"
horng qing talks so much,
i wonder if his backside will start talking if he closes his mouth..

awwh :)

jou has issues with my camera angles =_=

the bar place with no liqour.

"yoke, is that your leo uniform?"
"yeah. i wore it twice today already. gangster."
yoke. friend of 13 years, no one can beat that!

ttdi guys.

world jam partners.


haha. couldnt help it.
i like taking pictures with mei okay.

aaron, who according to jou, complains non-stop.

keam sunn looked like he was wearing the interact uni..

psst, ben, he reminds me a lot of you somehow.

more people?

omg, zara's brother is damn cute!

amir, what're you looking at mm?

oh there were these breadsticks by the food area.
yoke told me they were props but i ate them anyway.

heh. kena bully.

heh ;)

a few of us ate at the bar area..


more people.

wan was there! :D

"oh, you heard me?"

wenwen, who came out of camp with peckie for the party.

"omg! i look like shit wei!!!! delete delete!!! take another one!!!"

had some lucky draw thing..
adam and shahreen were emcees, by the way.

trying out the dulan face.

you be the judge.

stupid, she took the whole cupfull.
"nnngggaaa!!! yimaaaaayyyy!!! k s!!!!"

i think zara looked really pretty that night, yeah?

there were performances too actually.

the tak-jadi-sangat-but-still-damn-lame-slash-funny sketch by adam and kahyung.
"it's speedy not speedo!!!"

ruiz and ashraf did a dance to beat it,
seng fatt and amir (and mark, ruiz and ashraf) did an acapella of "i'm yours.."
the habibis (kiren's gang) dance that indian dance.
will post up a videos by tonight.

more people :)

this whole gang kept making fun of elisha.
kononnya smart bimbo.
"oh my god, i'm like, so thirsty.. are you thirsty?"
"oh my god jou, you make me sound so stupid.."
and jou just kept on laughing to her face.
poor girl.


looks like the next gossip girl cover, no?
*minus the eyes

of course, whats a birthday without the cake cutting?

thats one monster knife O.O

the whole family. :)

more people.

zara's 10 year old brother was kicking everyone's ass at pool.

can you believe that i've known him for 10 years already?

typical punjabi. tsk tsk. ;)

on the dance floor.

good picture, yoke.

..dont ask.

haikal kept rapping/singing to the songs.

uhm, audrey and adam getting a bit wild.
remember the old skdu rumour
about them liking each other just cause they were the smartest in the form?

you can totally tell that they're dancing to flo rida.


pauline managed to get jou on the dance floor too xD
kudos to you x)

"eh! helium!!!!!"

that was one kick-ass party, zara.

a fever and a headache,