Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka and Happy Birthday Lih Wen!

there was completely no merdeka sprit at all this year.
mm. i love lamaysia. uh, malaysia. :D


sighh. nevermind.. singapore's just a 4 hour drive away :)
we'll miss you loads, miss penny!
sorry for making you take 1094394820 pictures till we got a decent shot :D
Happy early Birthday Lih Wen!!!!!!!!!
(it's on the 1st of september.)


my during-scouts-gila-mengila partner.
grow up girl!

went to her house at 4
to list out all 6 CDs worth of songs (that i burned) for her.
no worries honey, no trouble at all :)
and as malaysians
everyone else arrived at 7-ish
when it was supposed to start at 6.
(semangat merdeka right? living up to our reputation)

let's start of with the food..
omg, i've never seen so many grapes at one time.

i know they said dessert comes last but...

her dad's friend helping out with the barbecue pit.

steamboat! :)

the lamb and chicken kicked ass.
especially the chicken xD
i think there was a lot more food than that
but i didnt really pay attention to the food x)

people :)
munyi used the bag!

mei and i volunteered to be traffic police/ doormen for the night.
i think lih wen's mom thinks we're mad.

"OI AIK LYNN!! i didnt invite you to my party to be my MAID lah!!"
"omg.. smart people- drinking."
i have a feeling a couple of them're first timers, no?

lol natasha.

wen had a wii at the party too!

peckhwa owning everyone at boxing.

i think hq was pretty agitated after getting beaten by a girl.
don't you just feel like smacking em? ;)

"YOU SEE CHIP! now i lost cause of you, you dont play anymore lah!"

heh. wii was a great hit!

oddly, so was congkak.

of course, cards.
back outside..

"yimay, you look like one of those carlsberg girls.. you're green enough."
"show more skin!!"
*folds shirt and shorts up
tiger and carlsberg should pay me,
i'm practically stripping for them.

i got high.
not cause of the beer though,
i only had a couple of sips. :D

which one?


serene doing her covergirl thing.

heh? merdeka merdeka merdeka!



on the road..

"eh.. why natasha jump so seeman one?"

jumpshot ala natasha.
mei looks like a very bad imitation of the sugarplum fairy.

jumpshoting barefoot on tar road = ouch.

"there's no where elsei could be but here in your arms.."

fellow pornstar.

cake time!
it was a surprise for her.

the cake REALLY reminds me of her.

kononnya 16th birthday.

her family, minus lih jing

more pictures :)

avril lavigne dropped by.

"omg.. look at the colour contra.."

limited testosterone at the party.


i'm such lamp post.

the st john who went to thailand- for a scouts camp.

"yimay! you know i hate flash!"

the master behind the markerpenned bowls.

get your own food, peckie.

LOL! mei!

balls or sausages?

"eh darling.. why when i take picture with everyone else damn nice but not with you?!"

jou refused to look at her.
three guesses why.

dulan face?


and after.
i think munyi's taking the words "growing up" the wrong way.

i have burst shots of hq xD hilarious shit

pictionary poker gang.

congkak gang.

poker gang.

lihwen's pimp-ette picture.

i think we're facing overpopulation soon, girls.
nvm, more holes for men to poke. x) x) x)

yes, we know mei's strong.. (there's more)

take 1.

take 2.

take 3.

the soo family :)

*glares at yanleng.

scouters and scouts.

kinda a part-farewell for miss penny.



"dammit, now i cant shop anymore."

after most of the people left,
we stayed on to watch the fireworks.
walked out to the main road..
got conned.
couldnt see much.
nice pic :)

"eh yimay.. very sexy lah.. you're like.. glowing."

further into mei's strength..


baaaaaaaaaaaaah! chicken feet lah!

"uhm. you want me to.. jump.. on you?"
he's actually.. very light.

good pic :)
i had fun.
did you?

thanks wen!

if pimples come out,
use aloe vera k :)