Friday, August 29, 2008

goodbye pn. chew :(

take a wild guess..

just our luck, eh?
just when we got probably the best bio teacher anyone could ever ask for
she decides to leave.
*psst pn chew/ shir li jie (O.o), i know you'll be reading this,
and no i'm not sucking up to you,
but yeah. FEEL GUILTY.
ah well. people got lives to live, no?

"to pn chew.. we will miss your looks? WHAT?!"
"uhhh.. nolah teacher.. it says we will miss you loads.."

i'm pretty sure we would.

we were just waiting for her to cut the cake.
she realised about ten mintues later.

"i'm gonna be not so health concious today.."

the kempas people who came.
a few're missing though =/


i'll miss you pn chew.
heck, you're prolly the reason why i like bio.

DU'll prolly never see me pay attention in class anymore =.=
have fun in denmark,
call me when you wanna drop by :D

still coughing,