Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mei!

our "ambush" plan didnt really work.
she tied the blindfold herself.

such a happy girl :)

pauline, next time you wait at home okay.
we'll fetch you. xD
"now everytime i think of jowein i think of coconut trees."

ten of us,
mei, munyi, cheryl, jou, ashvin, trixha, siew mun, jo, pauline, and i
went to rakuzen at chulan square (next to pavillion)

i love having a kick-ass camera. seriously.


i won't post pictures of food, i didnt get many..

munyi and the tramp.
or was it the other way around =.=

when i saw this picture, i nearly laughed till i had six packs.

pauline thought those baby octopus things were disgusting
and cheryl shoved one down her mouth.

munyi wore yellow for mei :)

jou should smie with more teeth. =P

"eh.. it's like licking it's anus."

look like ghosts..


i think they were trying to do a meiyin frown.

or was it the meiyin pout?
i can't tell.

i think we made damn a lot of noise.

thank you cheryl and trix for the head/hand massage..

tried to take a souvenir home.
my sister thought those look like that bomb from bomberman..
u know, the white one? =p
sorryla it was the only game besides ddr that i've ever played on the ps2.

pose-only yamseng!

i wonder what happened to the clean munyi.

she asked for a pimp picture,

swears like nobody's business,

and steals other people's food.
tsk. shame on you.
must be our view of the crack of doom at pd* that's rubbing off on you, no?
xD xD *inside joke.

mei with jie and ping.

oh. wink.

jou, why so happy?

jo, why so serious? =P

"omg, i look like zulaikha!"
well not so much in this pic lah.

they said i eat with my tongue.
guess they're right x)

boys, look familiar? :)

of course, mwaxmwax to jie and ping for the ride there and back :)

and then everyone started vandalising the fogged glass
in front of the hosts and waiters of rakuzen.

"eh can u all not be so jakun please.. at home got mirror also okay."-jie

oh, presents.

can you see the joy on her face? :)

from pau, jou and i.
sorryla not guitar hero standard,
hope you like em anyhow :)

one more.

they were having quite a lot of fun
playing my cooking mama game on the wii.

"it's on man, it's on!!"
jo cracks eggs like she's playing tennis.


we all love you mei.
don't deny it :)

hope you had a great time honey :)

finally gonna get some sleep,