Monday, September 1, 2008

goodbye miss penny :(

had a farewell "teatime" at Italiannies, the Curve.

seniors and scouters who went :)

food was unexpectedly good :)

the lovely "couple"

"she'll never be a mrs. lee lah! she'll go and seduce everyone!!"

photocopies mannnnn.
mana jean? O.o

the scouters.

seniors on the right..

and the left.

trios :)

darkest, darker, dark.

keyao was influenced by serena.
yarnay was wearing the shirt! :)

dunno whats happening to yoke.
first the pink, now this.

bright and shining lamp post.

we surprised (and embarassed) her..

and keyao's awesome handmade card :)

thank you for guilding us till this day,
thank you for being there for us,
thank you, our mummy penny.

i love you
you love me
we all love you Miss Penny
with a great big hug
and a kiss form me to you
won't you say you love me too. :(



pou tien hua chok!
(boiling porridge on the phone?)