Friday, February 6, 2009

almost time for round 2.

school's been a real bore.
teachers had a meeting this morning and had a slight class invasion.

this is kun, trying to take his pj shirt off without taking his shirt off, jouyin style.

kun and mel.
lol. why does kun open his mouth in every picture i have of him!?

for the last two periods of today, keledang was supposed to have sivic.
pn wong, being such an awesome class teacher, suggested to have a mini surprise class farewell for jo as it was her last day of school.
pn ooi was in our class at that time, and she allowed the
now 6-di-belakang and yoke to crash their party since she was merely doing some minor form 4 revision for transformation.
we have such awesome teachers la seriously.

though we missed the surprise, we still got some cake :D
some kinda kickass fruit cake from breadstory.

jo's stilll smiling happily.

and suzen and siewmun wanted a picture taken with her before taking the cake to the teachers.

and then...

lucky that didnt happen to you hor jou?

man, i didnt see that coming.

and jo smashed a piece on suzen's hair.

peiyeen, debra and esther.


jo and punjabo

jo and cheryl.

munyi and jo.

after a while,

they started scribbling all over her baju kurung.

look at the wings. from kun.

*click to enlarge

siewmun wants a slice of that. rawr.

lol. look at where cheryl signed.
haih make sure you don't get bullied like how you do over here okay.

buncha guys.

jo isnt racist okay! i'm serious!

buncha keledang guys.

5 keledangs of 09.
lol pn wong's so cute.

the bend becomes the break,