Sunday, February 1, 2009

kapal wapair :D

do not. i repeat.
do not.
give me the -______- when you get what my post title means. ;D

so i bugged my mom to have another CNY steamboat at our place again for my friends and i.
woo i tell you. it all ain't as easy as you think it is okay.

suzen arrived at 5, while the rest started flitting into my house from 6.30 onwards.
everyone was on time! 8D
..though they were too hooked onto the wii and cards to eat first.

daddy and aunty laygaik were feeling hungry so they went ahead.

oh and the food:

homemade wantan and dumplings, and a variety of uhm, balls.

meat, taufupok, sea cucumber and fish maw.

ashvin's vegetarian plate and a buncha weird yellow balls and crabstick.

cabbage (which trixha and munyi sapu-ed), fish and homemade hockchew fishballs.

foochuk, taufupok, mushrooms and taufu.

motherload. homemade shyiun lat choi. :D

zhushen, melvin, louis and pauline, playing chor tai ti.

nic, ed, mei, trixha, jo, munyi and siewmun, having fun with the wii.

in the kitchen getting some bites :D
lol chantum's so cute.

zen and mark.

cs and minghan manning the steamboat.

ashvin, natasha and aiklynn.

siewmun, sieuminn and jo.

nic, ed and trixha, watching ed play COD.

..and more chor tai ti.

yoke (in my shirt :P) and jou (in one out of two of her red t shirts specially reserved for cny)


mei and plinee.

cheryl and plinee enjoying their shyiun lat choi.

yoke and shen, who changed into a red shirt just for me :D

melvin and jacque.

wooo. buncha reddies :D

yoke and mark.
everytime i see them together, same girl by r.kelly and usher plays in my head.

food grabbing..

and more food grabbing.

sorry for weirdweird stuff on the food sieuminn :P

enjoying their food :D

dear mother of mine feeding them rum and coke.

the entertainment for the night:

nintendo wii.

mei and trixha were the only ones interested in ddr.

while majority of them were pretty hooked onto COD.

tennis was a big hit as well.


and cooking mama was quite popular as well :P

minghan damn full of tension, cracking eggs.

guess which game they played this time?
in between.

i think everyone was having fun at the gambling table, winners and losers.

pauline looking slightly happier this time round.

lookit all that moneeehhh.

poor siewmun, lost RM90 to the pot.

and was snagged by josephine, who split the RM 170 with cs after that.

my mom brought out the set a lil later on upon request.

sorry about the missing tiles, guys!

even my mom was damn chikek watching all the gambling, wii-ing and mahjong-ing.

oh and a new found form of entertainment:
taptap revenge on the itouch.

nic and trixha.

ashvin beat him once but lost twice.

ed, player lah.

both of em playing seperately.

as usual, my camwhore pictures :D

the girls:

she doesn't need an intro in this blog, heh.
is this gonna be your last party, jou? :(

suzen, who went high watching a bit of hercules with me after everyone left.

mei, who frequently switched from the wii to the gambling.

i think munyi was a lil luckier this time.

cheryl, who kept spilling boiling hot steamboat soup on her fingers.

sieuminn, i forced her to change into my clothes cause she didnt come in red. :P

trixha, thanks for the apple pie! :D

punjachinbabi! :D

siewmun, sorry for the bad luck upon you in my house.

notice the the less-chinese people wore less-red? ;)

josephine, had lots of fun didnt you ;)

pauline, who sid that the steamboat soup gets better and better every year :)

aiklynn, the only one who came in a dress; a really nice one :)
though she looks topless here =.=
oh and thanks for the timtam! :)

soon-to-be birthday girl ;)

the guys:

chia shoon, who had both good and bad luck that night.

i think it was louis who liked the weird yellow balls, right?

kun, the late comer ;)

yoke doesn't know how to smile properly.

melvin. one word. stoner.

mark, who also stayed for a bit of hercules.

nick smiles like that in every picture. seriously.

sorry for forcing you to take this picture, zhushen ;D

ed, like mei, kept going back and forth between the gambling table and the wii.

minghan sucks at cooking mama but he refuses to admit it.
he gets owned. OWNED i tell you. ;D

more people:


louis and nic.

cs, siewmun and mark.

haha! damn cute.

ed and cheryl.

kun and pauline.

suzen and mark.

..without aiklynn and yoke .

thank you everyone for coming!

i really hope you guys had a blast :)

and thank you very very muchie to mommy for everything! :)

awesome possum.

jou draws, mr ariff says: WOMAN! I KICK YOOUUU!

minghan is currently playing COD on the wii.
i swear, he's hooked.
eh but quite cool also la.
got nazis and japanese in one. weird.

---earlier today---

so it was my last day in penang, and i had to pack everything up.
i could barely fit my stuff in my luggage -.-

outfit for the day:

cap which isnt new, from esprit.
brown top, which was given as a bday present from lynnette but never worn from promod.
black waist clincher and white shorts again :)

had lunch with my grandfather's youngest brother's family that day.

kevin and jacq in the car.

got there and sat down for a while.

nice yummy leafy veggies :D


some kinda chicken.

sweet and sour pork.

oyster omelette, aunty joolee's favourite :D

some kinda preserved vege soup.

curry fishhead :D

aunty mon and ting.

jacq and kevin again.

aunty joolee and aunty jessie.

uncle keesoon, eekong and eema.

joel and jason, my uncles.
yea. it's complicated.

had to head back to the condo to pick up the steamboat i left behind. hehh.

she's growing up fast now.

and her mouth's getting faster too.

the next time i see her, she'll probably be a head taller..

..and a lot smarter. :)

followed jason, my uncle's car home.

really, don't ask.

it's like the whole of malaysia went back to penang for CNY and were going back to KL or something.

arrived just in time for a shower,
headed over to jou's place for her mom's CNY open house.

all completely borrowed. well maybe the white shirt's mine. :D

a much smaller gathering this time compared to last year's.

i liked the ice kacang kak. she gave me extra atapchi.

brought the dvd pauline was wailing for and watched it there.

i could understand why she was so hooked on to it.
it's a really good movie.

lol jitlong.

kun and shuling.

kun and pauline.

they were playing poker, i swear i was just sitting there.

mei introduced a new game to us called In Between.
and got us hooked onto it.

bloody super easy money man.
pauline was feeling extremely unhappy at the rate of her RM1 notes literally getting swept away from her hands while watching kenvern gather the cash.
i think he won about RM150 in 3 rounds.

we're all addicted, i swear.

it even came to a point where only two were playing..
then we all went in again.

smart people like them know when's the right time to quit.

but people like sengkai..

who has cursed luck and cursed hands,
just kept going on and on and on and on.

what're the odds wei?
he got a queen and an ace and he bet RM10.
that means he has the range of 10 cards from the entire deck (he needed to get between jack to 2) to win it.
he got a king.
poor kid i tell you.

went home pretty late, by the time i get my closet organised, it was nearly 3 am -.-
had to wake up at 6.45 to follow my mom to the ss2 market to get some stuff for the steamboat.

helped chantum out in the kitchen till about noon and headed over to kun's place with jou.

kun and (s)molly.

i swear to god.
kun's house is so. damn. nice.

he has a foosball table in his room, which he doesnt use.



went back down to the dining area.

guess what game they were playing?
yup. in between.
khye yuen got all the luck this time, won RM1oo in just 2 rounds. -.-

"who's house next??"

decided to have lunch before going to jou's place. walked along the LDP.

bukti perjalanan.
lollollol like hike logs. ahaha.

went to jasima for lunch.

ed, shen, melvin, nic and munyi.

cs and khye yuen.


walked over to jou's place after that.

dont know what they were doing,
all i know is that melvin was high on bak kua
.. and told aunty ivy that he was jou's boyfriend.

had to leave early to help around the house for my steamboat party.

i'll update about the steamboat later today la.
i'm damn tired now.

everything's crystal clear now.