Thursday, February 5, 2009

goodbye, jou..

time flies faster than we think it does.
you always tell yourself, it's okay, we still have enough time.
and then when the day finally comes, it really hits you harder than a meteor.
you'll wind up thinking,
"i should've, would've, could've.."
"if only, if only.."

my best friend just left for sydney, australia ealier tonight.
at the moment, i believe she's already reached aussie.
there was so much time i could've spent with her, but i didnt.
so many things i should've said to her, but i didnt.

hey jou,
i'm gonna look on the bright side.
you'll be back in 10 months! i'll be counting the days, let me know when's your flight ;)

when you read this, i suppose you would've already gone to get your uniform and probably getting ready for your first day of school.
well, that's if your sister's plan goes as it was supposed to la.

hope everything there's awesome for you so far. :) i'm having writer's block here.

remember peter from camporee?
yes, THAT peter. MY thai peter :D i know what you're gonna say out loud, his lil nickname you and natasha invented and everyone else seems to find hilarious.

one thing i learnt from him,
"there's never such thing as 'Goodbyes'. just 'till we see each other again.'"

hope you liked it :)..

already missing you,