Tuesday, February 10, 2009

megapost. please leave page to load for about 5 mins. =.=

happy belated birthday, aunty Lay Gaik! :)

still looking young :D

okay so while you girls were at redbox karaoke-ing on friday,
i was at my aunt/family friend's birthday party.
not tuition okay lol.

food was catered by groupbase.

her yoga friends.

jie's family.

his nieces i think. playing taptap.

she nicknamed herself nana. she's damn cute.

the next day, saturday,
went to the dr edward's in the morning.
couldn't really eat for the rest of the day. :(

headed over to digital mall with my parents,

came back with these :D
a notebook cooler and an external harddrive. :D

went to wein's open house that night.

wein and his err baby.

they got some food from nyonya colours, tea time snacks i guess.

mee siam :D

nyonya kuih.

cucur udang.

lou pak ko :DDDD

bubur chacha. wooo.

i was handicapped. i could barely bite.

who temaned me for the most of the beginning of the night.

tucky, who was on a diet. poor thing.

waa i beh tahan. damn cute.

lol tucky looks like he wants to eat charlie.

charlie's damn cute la.

lol. we look like aliens.

hardcore gamer with his toys.
NUTS wei. seriously. he spent about RM1k just for all his lil gadgets.

hardcore gamer's com.
looks like it's spoiled doesnt it.

went down to get some dinner,
catered by H&H.

curry fish.

fishcake i think.

curry chicken.

curry mutton i couldnt eat :(

butter/nestum prawns.

vege thingy.

very err, tender sotong that i could bite :D.

shyuin lat choi!!! :DDDD

i think i had about 5 bowls.

*sorry cheryl ><
kickass lamb.

fooyoh. damn good food lo.

nick, louis and ed.

yoke and mel.

some of the guys.

us, eating at the patio.

nice shirt, cs.

chubby's all dressed up.

charlie. lol. it's usually not that ganas, really.

i felt like paris for a while.

louis and snoopy.

chubby sniffing cs.

derek brought poker chips.

they're addicted. seriously. lol

went out to play with some firecrackers.

damn kancheong.
the fuses were about 5mm long.

the whole gang took a walk to the park near wein's house.

trixha and siew mun.


stopped by the scary looking playground.

went back and they started gambling again.

lol!! tucky. ahahha.

charlie and chubby on the gambler's table.

the aunties and uncles doing their karaoke thing.
wein's mom was good but the others..
*shudders. hou watat.

SU bballers were there too. and they liked the dogs :D

my camera's been a victim of spam.

culprits: her.

and them.


got home at about 1am. was too tired to even bother turning the laptop on.

went to jayaone for brunch the next day, a palce called tappers cafe or something.

goo leng ping, which is actually just milk and syrup.

abc soup.

bangers and mash.

chicken chop.

pie and mash.

mommy and aunty lay gaik.


went to kun's open house that night.

kun, proud owner of (s)molly.

wein on the other side of kun's room, playing with her.

had a long, honest chat with a couple of them.
truly realised that people really DO have extremely different point of views of each other, some not really understanding the naked truth, and that nothing we say or do'll change anything. so why bother, just screw it and don't care. :D

as we all know, kun's mom owns nyonya colours. as in, all of them.
there's bound to be awesome food at their open house, yea? :D

mee siam, my mom's favourite.

nasi kunyit.

cucur udang i think.

curry something.

looks abit sick here,
but it's curry mutton i think. damn good.

nasi briyani.

they had pasta, curry chicken and other stuff i didnt manage to get pictures of.

pretty pretty cupcakes.

dunno what these were.

lots and lots of nyonya kuih.

angku, one of my favourites.

another one of my favourites, forgot what they're called.

some random kuih thing.

i wouldnt mind living on these.
i wouldnt mind dying eating these.

kun how can you not eat the stuff at your mom's shop laaaa omggggg ><

watching premonition while having dinner.
quite the creepy la that movie.

the girls who were already there.

went upstairs after eating. hung out there most of the time.

jitlong and co.

thanks for helping me reformat my laptop! :)
though it went nuts after a while but that wasnt your fault anwyay.

since there were so many guests constantly going in and out of the room,

they had to keep her locked up in a corner.
made a barrier out of chairs, boxes, and bags.

she kept whining.
(s)molly. aww. so cute la.
but really damn naughty wei.

it bites not only toes now, but paper as well.

and apparently it really liked melvin's hand. fingers.
and he likes her biting them too. *eyes glint mischieviously

kun has a foosball table in his room -.-

played for the first time ever. man i suck so bad at it.

pro uncles kicking the kids asses.

jitlong and company playing cruising on the wii.

the guys kept bullying jitlong.
did all they could to get him out of the room.

pauline and natasha playing tennis.

"kun. look at all the girls on your bed. and one jian."

lol look at louis.

and louis again.

zen and minn.

minn and punjabo.

aiyer. jitlong's face so miang.

i have so many pictures of aiklynn.

aiklynn and pauline.

aiklynn and natasha.

aiklynn and (s)molly.

aiklynn and lil girl.

aiklynn and jitlong.

aiklynn and me.
my cheongsam top buddy. :D

one more day, nat. ;)

pauline, who was extremely disappointed in me for not going casual like i usually do.
p/s: this is what we look like from melvin's point of view.

"i'm wearing something so indian!"

O.o sieu minn's the same height as me?

jo.. and jian in the back.

me and siewmun,
who makes me look like a friggin hobbit.

hazel. haven't gotten a picture taken with you since. lemon party i think. O.o

with the two debras.

my suzennehhunneh. :)

minghan, remember what you said about this photo?

on sunday,
went out for brunch with my parents and ben at some shop in dj.
forgot what it was called.

kickass fish cake.

yong tau foo to share.

my mom's kuey teow noodles.

ben and my dad's pompret and mee sua.

my yellow noodles.

ben and his mj.

moozie and daggles.

went home for a while, then to digital mall with minghan for a bit.
lugged that stupid laptop to the dell place only to find out that they were only selling, not repairing or whatever. kns.
oh well at least i got to get some leng chi kang. -.-

went to jo's place at about 4 in the afternoon to see her off..

we were wearing the same top!
:) comfy, isnt it?

was greeted by a very sick looking louis,
a sleeping melvin and a constipated-ish nic.

me, louis and mel.

them. and the RM 1350 hippo.
which was stained by tucky. O.o

new hairstyle. ahah damn cute.

wein playing with her old school telephone.

aunty weiwei stressing over ther hand carry.

ahahhha kun and melvin.

..trying to do the "jo". ended up looking like zombies.

jialinq and eric.

lol. we'll make it a tradition to spam at every opportunity la okay.

trixha and munyi through the glass. xP

finishing up jo's scrapbook.

trixha made me look like minghan. -.-

ahaha they guy's page was hilarious.

yeah that's zidane.
the page had paris hilton and dior mascara and a girl in a bikini as well.

she was kinda late already, so she had to leave.

for you, jian :)

oh and you see that box on jian's lap?
mhmm. we shared to ger jo a new phone :)

her mom left us all in the house O.o

and then about a minute later, jo came back.
guess what she forgot to bring along -.-

her backpack which looks like armour or something.
which contained all her important documents and passport and everything.
typical jo la. ;)

i'll miss you jo! :(
thanks for the bracelet.. hope you liked the scrapbook we all made for you..

phew. finally.

here's your nice long update, jou! :D