Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Wein!

okay first of all, i'm really sorry for not updating.
laptop battery was completely dead and the charger went kaput and am currently using minghan's.

the anything-computer-related-computer-genius.
i can write a book about you.

sports day was awesome.
like seriously.
quite sad la that it was the form 5s last sports day.. sighhhh.
ah well, we ran for the fun of it, and im pretty sure we all had fun :)

i love kuning's marching team. :)

rawr. ;)
sigh. i'm so sorry for getting us disqualified..
reasons are still unknown tho..

lee jo rynn,
the track superstar who kicked everyone's ass at every event she took part in -.-

me and my rumah kuning commander and new found friend, junherng.

we like to move it move it! :)

omg chern sern. damn damn damn cuteee. *squishes cheeks

merah membara semangat wajaaa

for house marching,

1st- rumah ungu
2nd- rumah biru
3rd- rumah merah.

as for the uniformed bodies,

1st - pkbm
2nd- kadet polis
3rd- scouts :)))))
4th- pbsm

a usually stoned commander leekenvern looking exceptionally happy.

i'm so proud of you guys!

i was rumahkuning woman. heh.

my other 400m superstar.
lol sorry kylie, pauline'll always be my #1 .

went to devis corner with the gang.

lol. sry munyi, my angles really suck.

crutches. ;)

munyi and trixha.

lol ponzie damn scary.

punjabi laughter- like no other.

went to munyi's place to see her new dog, kiki.

damn damn damn damn cute.

seriously! ahaha. i like herrrr :D

it was wein's birthday on thursday.
some of us went for hokano for lunch after school to celebrate with him.


california roll.

cha soba.

some chicken and rice thing.

tempura udon.

some beef thing.

for a really small person, she sure eats like a monster.

aaron and thianfook.

jian and tucky.

wein and trixha.

cs and joo.

camera shy pulak.

man. thianfook/edmund's so sexy it hurts.

in school the next day, brendon brought some chocolate macadamia cake for wein.

..looked like he was trying to light the candles with his eyes instead of the lighter.

damn visionary lo.

oh boy.
wein, brendon and sherwin.

went out with trixha after school today.

she likes the kickass rendang chicken at old town too. =P

the main purpose of today was for her to get heels.
so shoe shop after shoe shop after shoe shop,
she tried on everything.

weird coloured ones

aunty looking ones

animal print ones

eskimo looking ones

"boots wit da fur" ones

suede-ish tight ones
omg can get a workout just trying to put them on.

my kinda thing- weapons.
mayy you look like a stripper laa.

minghan joined us for abit after that, and promised to give his honest opinion about everything.

you know what this looks like ah? you know those aunties that wear the tight tight white shirts,
the one that goes for mahjong..

it looks like nick.

i think trixha felt very ah-ma.

damn the kinky lo O.o.


minghan's head is too big for all the hats in the shop.

forever 21's a damn good place to look for costumes wei.

one day, we're just gonna wear tights, wigs and weird make up out.

..but maybe i wouldnt leave the tights patterns to trixha. -.-.

haha i had fun today.
seriously, one day we'll just dress like idiots and go to ou okay.

waiting for monday for the results.
prays hard. very very hard.

yellow house's marching.

scout's marching.

if you wanna see the other marchpast videos,
just type SMKDU sports day 2009.
meiyin got all the videos posted up.

photocredits: tri-xha and jonyip.
videocredits: meiyin.


i miss you, jou.

and you know, you know it's true,