Wednesday, February 4, 2009

last of cny parties..

went for minghan's youth group's cny party on sunday.
yup. minghan and ben were there.

banana dance. haha poor roy.
played the mafia game after that, man i haven't played mafia since.. i dunno, joti 07?

they do this whole yee sang thing every year O.o

sorry la okay. i'm damn stoned now.

went for cs's cny gathering on monday night.

cs = camera shy.
AHAHA geddit geddit?

was greeted by this the minute we walked in the door.

sat and stoned for a bit cause the others havent arrived yet.

the guys and keledang girls were there.

they started playing blackjack after that.

stoned at them cause i didnt know how to play.
started playing after watching a few rounds, still not knowing what i was doing.
thanks siewmun for teaching :D

aunty had very bad cards.

keledang girls.

was time to eat.

and cs's mom's fish cake thing KICKS ASS.

i wanted to steal the whole plate. heh.

green curry laksa.

some kickass pork thing.

roasted duck.

tako? or something like that. some chestnut kuih thing.

THABTHIMGROB! kickasskickasskickass. except for the corn. haha.

the food was damn good la. says everyone :D

went back to the table to play in between.

feng shui for the night not good at all la. lost RM 20. gained nothing.

tried to learn mahjong verbally but i had no idea what thian fook was talking about.

louis watching the pro players.

went up tp cs's room and they cominued gambling there.

poker this time i think.
thian fook kept sucking eugene's money.

cs playing cod.

jou you gotta stop wearing that shirt or it'll fade and stretch -.-

we were having our own lil private party on cs's bed.

australian. and soon to be. :(