Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy belated Birthday Khidir ahd Hazel!

the schmexxay gym maniac.
good luck finishing all that green tea. x)

we've known each other since we were 7 years old, yea?

went to sunway university college for some leadership programme thing with some of the PRS and prefects.

madame president and i.

pack of DUs waiting for the programme to start in the canteen.

my initial group, group 12 :D

this was what they call "ice-breaking",
mix up the shoes and pick two random ones on, and then pair them up.

had the usual talk about leadership and stuff like that.

went out to the field, where they made us crabwalk a few times across the damn football field while tied up to 9 other people.

and some of us were blinfolded.

ended up kneeling for most of it,
kns my legs ached like crap and my knees were damn bruised -.-

after the break,

went back to the hall for another talk, this time about teamwork.
sat with our own schools.

went back to the field AGAIN for more team building games.

had to go through obstacles and stuff like that.

carried balloons with our faces, arms, legs, back, tummy, etc etc. no hands.

and then we had to fit 10 of the team onto two minute flysheets, to get across.


ahah reminds me of aladdin and jasmine on the magic carpet.

went back into the hall, had yet another talk.

they gave us our assignments, which we would have to pass up in 2 weeks. sigh.

group pictures!

DUs! :D

some of the ladies.

and more DUs with pn catherine.

there you go. 21 teams with 10 in each team.

went out for dinner at jalan ipoh with my parents and their friends.

ming hoe? lol.

some weird veggie soup thing.

some other weird veggie.

hokkien fried noodles :D

seafood omelette.

kickass steamed fish.

marmite pock chops.

dr ed and lilian.

ben, daddy and mommy.

ethannnn!! :)))

went to school after dinner to attend st. john's mk night.

their performances were not bad la, maybe a lil soft but quite funny on the whole.

very pretty, but very messy. ><

the form 5s.

their sketch was hilarious.

so was pbsm's. never laughed so much for a sketch before.

went out for brunch with my parents on sunday morning at some bakuteh place in aman suria.

ladies fingers :D

did you know that these were called chinese crutters or something like that?
lol damn random.

foochuk, taufupok, mushrooms.

pork. yummy yummy. :D

dried bakkutteh, which imho isnt bakkutteh at all. lol but it tasted quite good la nontheless.

was supposed to meet up with the leos, for a trip to rumah hope, paramount, at school.

met up with a few of them at sri paandi first.

munyi's dad gave us a ride to school after that.

the only thing we did there was play with the kids.
they seemed really happy with just that tho.

zhushen lol.

sieuminn getting her ass kicked by that pint-sized girl.

zhushen's sucha big bully.

musical chairs! lol the leos had to sing cause we didnt have a radio.

some game one the the orphans taught them.

sieuminn fits in so well. :)

eh they call me david blaine okay
david blaine? I BECKHAM LA!

lol. such bright kids out there.

wein and his new found friend, kar kit.

mark with one of the older guys at the place.

the boy stuck to louis like a magnet to copper.

lol nick.

i personally think this girl's damn cute. look like some anime character.

thats the lil boy with the big shirt.

jujennehhunneh :)

ahh it's blur >< sorry naomi.

was supposed to go out for dinner with suzen, mark and wein but due to some unforseen circumstances, it was just wein and i. went to ms. reads cause i was craving for scones.
yummeh yummeh.

shepherds pie.

psst sherwin. are the new angles of food working for you? -.-

sorry la wein, no pictures of you.
all of them either make you look like a pedo or spastic. x)

minghan picked me up after that and headed over to darren's place for khidir's mini birthday celebration.

honestly speaking, he's a minghan- the malay version.
absolutely random and makes you laugh till you build up muscles in your ears.
khidir's the one in green, btw.

as for today in school....

guess we didnt need marching to win ;)

L1 and P1 winners. :)

woo my kunings. well some of them went missing after that but whatever.

merahs, standing at 2nd overall.

olahragawan L1/overall, faiz.
..as expected.

olahragawati P1/overall, renee.
..ditto that.

the 4x100/4x400 (L) dreamteam that kicks everyone's asses every year.

my men giving their love to the bling.

kuning's superstar. i'm so proud of you :)))

lol. my more-than-willing-kuli.

kun, you spammer, you.

i think this adds to your collection of "good pictures".
well you guys look the same in every damn picture so yeah. ;)

these two also. tsk tsk.

i am was happy. :)
psst. the gold medal isnt mine. sorry tiara ;)

the bad thing about "piala pusingan" is...........

they never bother giving you the actual thing. =.=
kns. bola sepak. shitty hasni's so retarded.

gave jou a call yesterday, she still sounds the same.
and guess what?
people there think she's jakun too.
so i guess she hasnt changed ;)

and all we do is linger,