Sunday, February 15, 2009

what's a magneto?

from that big stack of dvds i got from penang during chinese new year,
i recently watched the x-men trilogy.

yea, yea. i know i've been living under a huge rock.
if you havent watched these three,
go kick yourself in the behind and borrow them from me.

Wolverine: Sabertooth?
(looks at Storm)
Wolverine: Storm.
(looks at Xavier)
Wolverine: What do they call you? "Wheels"?

wolverine is awesome.
maybe cause it's a certain hugh jackman who plays his character. :P

went for training, then dinner with my parents and aunty lay gaik at food foundry, section 17.

mussels with butter and herb.

aglio olio with vegetables.

carbonara with mushrooms.

spring chicken.

and kickass vanilla crepe cake! :D

moozie and aunty laygaik enjoying their pasta.

and daggles, who polished the entire chicken.

since sports day was just round the corner,
it's energy drink time. ><

4 tablespoons of milk powder
3 tablespoons of glucose
2 tablespoons of honey
2 raw eggs
2½ cups of water
blend it up for about 3 seconds.

i know it looks disgusting and 2 raw eggs sounds very putting off, but it really tasted like honey. and the enzymes in the honey cooks the egg. kinda. google it or something.
it's really my physics teacher's remedy i've been taking since form one.

my awesome possum, extremely blur and spaced out maid.

girls only flirt with the bad guys,
not take them home.
it's the good guys they marry.
-dr jean grey, x-men.

in the jungle, the mighty jungle,