Thursday, February 5, 2009

goodbye, jou :(

jou called on tuesday afternoon,
while i was at a prs meeting and told me that she would be leaving the very next day.

her mom asked me to help her round up some people to come over for dinner that night itself at her place. managed to gather a small group of people.

munyi, mei, ashvin and i arrived super late cause we had a lot of stuff to finish up before that.

arrived and had some food. kickass tandoori chicken and naan and other sorts of malaysian food.

munyi and mei made her this a few months back.

oh and a whole big gang of us got her an ipod nano chromatic.

the suspense.

the first look.

and she's happy! :)

the rest of them continues eating and talking around the dining table.

mr macho magic marky whatever whatever..

they were looking at ashvin's primary school biodata book. all the weird stuff they used to write.

jou + yoke = joke.

they did it for you okay jou!

the skttdi1 gang.

aunty ivy offering everyone ice cream.

after a very hearthy dinner, we gathered in front of the computer to see jou's surprise video thing munyi was working on.

great work munyi, seriously :)
man i was so stoned in the video. siewmun was worse tho.

sat around and talked a bit.

some of us were quite stoned, i guess the video made the impact it was supposed to.

why is it that we always take group pictures without yoke -.-

motherload of jouyins.

our one and only picture of the 7 di belakang.

in school yesterday,

jou dropped by during the last period.
pn shalini made her do her final "oral presentation" by asking her to say a few words to the class.
ah too bad wai wan wasnt there, i think jou would've given her a 3-page-long rehearsed script. propped with tears and hugs at the end. no?

her last time seeing most of them. and that classroom.

was supposed to go for lunch with the scouts gang but i had some unfinished business and had to get home.

rushed from mrs tan's mod maths tuition to jou's place at 7.

the idiot hasnt even fully packed then!

guess who's following her there ;)

her last malaysian meal till december..

the rest were at ther tv area.. playing cards -.-

yoke fried rice for jou.
"MVP's Kitchen".

aiklynn gave her a bouquet of flowers..

and everyone else gave letters, small gifts, cards, etc..

then before you know it,
it was already 8pm.
hugs, words of luck, tears, last minute advices were said.

yea, lots of tears. except for the few strong ones.

cheryl and jou :)

then it was time for her to go..

uncle stanley and aunty ivy.

and one last look. :)

man. that's the first of many farewells to come.. sigh..

walked to jasema for dinner/supper after that.


suzen and mark.

ed, louis and yoke.

jou's online now! wheee!