Monday, September 22, 2008

a day with m&m.

grandparents wanted to take a walk to ou, so i walked with them and met up with m&m.

went to bbq plaza and ordered the family deluxe set.
it's our new "in" place man.
move over, dave's.

and yes, we finished everything, rice included.

felt like completing the cycle with something sweet,
headed to KTZ for dessrt :D

ahha there was strawberry loh, honeydew loh, and kiwi loh and etc...
munyi pointed out "mat tou loh", which means anything in canto.
thought that was kinda funny.

strawberry loh was good,
but it felt like i was eating my soap from body shop.

munyi ordered tong yuen which wasnt bouncy enough.

and she tried stealing the cherry off mei's honeydew (ew) loh.

and ended up with honeydew flavoured ice in her hair.

..and started cowering to the wall.
looked like she was making out with it though.

lol, wth munyi?

this is more of a spam munyi post.

dream on, munyi.
i think we ate quite a lot, no?
bought 15 mini cinnabons and spicy mcnuggets (which are totally kick-ass, i swear) after that. and mei got her cheezy wedges from kfc.
speaking of which,
anyone knows what happened to the ttdi kfc?
loh poh peng =P,