Monday, September 15, 2008


this is not a food post.
sorry la, not much time for hawker when your cousin's getting married okay.

jou, i found something im pretty sure you'd fall in love with.

rm 550 >< goddamn. not worth it at all.
but it was so pretty...

had the praying stuff after the bridal shower.

ah ma was excited, asked for a glass of wine.

there were 2 cameraman and one video person.

lyn and june.

san kek mm. the wedding advisor.

bridesmaids, ping, lyn, june and i.

started at 12ish.

my 3rd uncle and aunt.

huge ass jossticks

that woman gets paid to talk.

she had to bang her head 3 times.

and walk around the table 3 times.
dont ask.
after that night, most of the unmarried relatives were reluctant to get married..
or at least, the chinese way.

the morning of the wedding.

she's happy.

ping and i followed the..
"open car-door boy" (shean) downstairs..

we had to wait cause us smart people went down while the groom's car still had about 20 km till they reach the bride's house.

he's only 14. O.o
*wein i think he's taller than you.

i didnt know it was customary for the groom's entourage to make a racket when they arrive.

michael, the groom.

evil bride's maids, who had obstacles for the groom before he could see lyn.
like putting mayo on the best man's face...

and licking it off, with the other guys.
and eat broiled chicken and corn jelly.
jeez. good luck to future grooms out there.

bride and groom.
best man and the maid of honour.

tea ceremony. very tedious.
they had to give my ah ma that. i think its some superstition again.

daddy, who's reading my blog in the other room as i type.

off to the groom's house.

over-ambitious videoman.
*click to enlarge



guess who i'm related to now?
at the dinner.

i had a mission that night,
call me bubble-girl. with my sidekick, bubblebunny.
the main bubble person,
the only one with an electronic bubble blower.

see the person behind the bride?

food presetation.

aunty bee and june making a speech.
"i'll only allow him to drink this much!!!"
while the adults were going high inside.
my second uncle and aunt.

the bride's dad singing.

happening entrance man.

and my parents were high too.

traumatizing =P

cutting the cake.

the emcee said they had to kiss as long as the song was playing,
otherwise the singing lady would have to hiss michael instead.
*click to enlarge
lookit michaels face.
i wouldnt wanna kiss my husband on stage in front of 400 people ><

3 bottles of champagne wasnt enough.



their first dance as husband and wife.
prolly the point where i decided that getting married aint that bad.
any takers? =P

wasnt off duty yet thought the dinner was over.
people :)
bride and her family.

ah ma's possy.

becca and jayden.

michael was clearly very hungry.

i think the flower girl and ring (?) boy were extremely cute together.

no? :)

my 4th uncle with lyn's bouquet of roses.
at table #17.

my 4th aunt with sinsern and uncle.

the guy was shocked to find out that i was only 16.
geeez do i look that old?
the lim family with aunty bee and my 4th aunty.

pingies was very "ang".

my cambo english speaking gengchow nasi ulam making maid.
*trying to do a trixha here, failing miserably.
so cute in a tux.

car door opener.
good luck for pmr! :)

lims with the bride, groom and ah ma.

ai, caramba!

back home :)
i just realised it's only a certain age group of kids that annoy the hell outta me.
these dont :)
some random baby playing with my bubbles.


aaww :)
and of course, who can forget
ting :)

..and brownie.
mod maths!! ><