Tuesday, September 30, 2008

renee, you crack me up.

guess where were we =P

went for training today..
just realised how much i missed ball..

went to ou after that with jou, mei and renee.

despite the pain in my mouth, i still wanted to go to dave's.
carbonara, baby.

went to all the nike's and studio R and RSH to look for jerseys and renee's bday present.
hope you like it you big baby. :D

tutti frutti icey whatever jou ordered, at ktz.

renee and mei went jakun over the fish spa place.

"excuse me.. do you use that fish?" *points at the shark*-renee

sorry, they nibbled my index finger before jou snapped this.
mei, munyi, after exams k :D

toys r us, the best place to go if you're damn stoned in ou.

omnomnomnom? =]

to schmexxy to resist.

tsk, mei.

maternal instinct.

"it matches!"

passed precious thoughts and saw this.

heh, jo? :)

ah, people change.
so have you.
come to think of it,
you were like that from the start.

baby, so hot,