Monday, September 8, 2008


since my sister's blog is hang-keiing in the food department at the moment,
i decided to take over for one meal.. =P

daddy ong took us to duck king at jaya one for brunch on sunday.
obviously, the places specializes in duck,
but they've got pretty good reviews on their seafood as well.

the place was quite, no other word for it, posh okay.

*click to enlarge.

they sapu-ed the chee cheong fun before i could even take the camera out.

char kuey kak.
fried carrot cake i think.

i liked this; call it sunshine bun.
it's some kinda pau with molten custard in it.

sieu loong pau.

dunno whats this,
i have this anti-sesame seed thing going on i think.

yam thingy.
fluffy fluffy!

duck :D
this was the sweeter kinda roasted duck i think.

more duck.
i agree with jie, this one's better.

uh i dunno whats this either.

one of the three porridges we had.
this was the crab porridge which was the BOMB.
there was seafood porridge and scallop porridge too.

char siew and siew yoke.

lemongrass jelly. this was really nice.

it was some mango sago thing but tasted like honeydew.
didnt like it one bit.




and them.
they're leaving soon

joo says i'm getting fat.