Saturday, September 20, 2008

a whole lot of crabs, cake, water and meat!

after chopping banana leaves for our bivouac,
went to jie's house to help out for his barbecue.

i was quite bored, so i did a mini photoshoot of rosamay and jackie (for jacket)

d'you know that crabs are actually very entertaining?
cheryl, remember back in form 2, you said crabs were damn cute?
i totally agree.

the crab looks like it's cockstaring at jie in all the pics lol.

took it to his garden for a "walk".

the meimei. when everyonecall "may!/mei!", both of us would answer =.=

ping was making ti kueh.

not many pictures of food but..

heh. the highlight of the night, 20 kgs worth okay!

the pro crab eaters.

jie eats only claws.

grilled brinjal is the bomb :D

and mumy ong made fondue :D

oh did i mention my grandparents came down to see my sister off?

the lims and the ongs.

had to wake up at 5.45 for COH the next morning -.-
got there at 6.20 and i didnt know it was supposed to start at 7.

siewmun brought some banana leaves back from the amazon forest or something.

not so easy okay.

damn. my hair is so ooogleh.

"where to stop? where to stop??"

damn alot of installations man.

scouter's council received their apaulets.

seniors and juniors installed their badges.

and the COH got their whistles. during the last troop.
if you'd notice natasha and i looking at each other in this pic,
i wonder why hmm aaron wu? you lousy.

sorry i ruined the pic, pauline. :D

had miss fiona and mr jeff's farewells, as well as mr eu wing and aik lynn's surprise birthdays.

kudos to yeevonne who made kickass cupcakes.

"best friends".

"sorry got no fire sir.."
"aiya never mind.. can blow out imaginary one okay?"

i think aik lynn was pretty surprised..
and.. even more surprised.

poor tL.

"ehh.. i look so pretty in this picture."
usually heard after aiklynn looks at my whole motherload of pictures.
all of them.
my sincere apologies to the muslim juniors who came. =/

of course
our freaking bivouc

which was minute.
prolly can fit a couple of dwarves inside comfortably.
4 girls and a guy had to fit in THAT.

"it's for the birds.. you know, a nest to lay their eggs. the flower's to attract them."
miss fiona was the first one to take a look at it.
"eh siewmun it looks like freaking giant pubic hair la."

"thanks a lot.. i'm gonna take in all the water for you guys la.. "

you'd think they'd splash water from the back, but no..

they splash from the front once their done.

stupid idiot who didnt come for troop had the privilege to splash all of us.
you wait KP. i'll bleach that green blazer of yours
pn rafidah's gonna shave you till down to your toenails.
as for the other patrol's bivouac..
"i dunno what i've ever done to miss yihwen.. she aim for me la motherrrr."
jou wasnt too happy about getting splashed at from the front.

final act of evil.

"..thank you miss for the.. water."

lihwen's so likable among the scouters.
not always a good thing yeah honey =p
..and revenge is sweet.

mwaxmwax to siewmun
who kept maharajalela (and most of the seniors) entertained during troop.
haha. retard, but thanks for your gengchow amazon leaves.
went to jou's house for a shower before going to BBQ plaza at ou for miss fiona's farewell.
natasha merajuk cause we apparently told her we're only gonna change and not bathe.

i think she liked the hat.

i like the food there.

reasonable too.
mei, it's a meat lover's haven im serious.
we go after exams k :D

"omg! chow kahn!" (cramp in canto)
"oh wait shit. chowta!" (burnt in hokkien)
you rock my socks pauline.
now would anyone believe me when i say everyone's leaving us? :(

good luck and thanks for everything miss fiona!
sorry couldnt think of a special song for you,
had too much coconut leaves in my face and water in my ears.
i hope i won't let you down :)
i. am. super. tired.