Saturday, September 6, 2008

yet another japanese buffet.

went to pj hilton just now for dinner at genji,
this supergengchowmusttry jap buffet.
i'd advise you not to read if you're hungry.

instead of charging at the food,
took my time walking around the place to check out what's good.

sashimi bar

the few chefs i made friends with.

sushi bar.

chuka kurage, green seaweed, baby octopus, endamame.

tempura counter.

teppanyaki counter.

this is victor, the other chef i made friends with.
he has great mussels.
(HAHA geddit geddit?)

my mussels were under that fire.
i was like, "OMG WTF?!!?!?!?! my food!!!"

too many to choose from.

picking oysters.


octopus :D

mei? :)

pauline? :D

i think i had about 50 of these.

chawa mushi.

tempura i did not touch.

my favs :D

salmon and beef teppanyaki.


and more.

they had fondue :D

cheese fondue.
sieu minn!

chocolate. mmmyumm.

i was pretty damn hungry.

zaru soba.

didn't get pics of all my food though.

oh, this was on the sashimi counter.

100% real.

"is it REAL?"

my super syiok sendiri sister.

damn. i'm gonna miss this nut.

more of the other people.


now you know where i got it from la k?

more of SSSS.
wonder if yoke's seen this.

photo credits: aunty laygaik.


p/s: omnomnomnom? think cookie monster.