Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a day with ping and jie. a day of diversions.

went downtown with mummy ong, jie, jin and ping.
originally heading towards jalan alor, got caught in the massive traffic jam around lake garden,
wanted to detour to klcc but the jam was kinda to infinity and beyond.
diverted to damansara heights, but the restaurant was closed,
so we ended up at bruno's, jaya 33 instead.
my ass was flatter than a pool table after the car ride, no joke okay.

we were damn super hungry by then, so we omnomnomnom-ed all the way, prolly finished our set lunch in 15 minutes or so.

ping, mummy ong and i had a portion of these each.

while jin and jie had a portion of that each.

mine. pork chop. good stuff.

jin, mummy ong and ping's. some alfredo pasta thing. was kinda like carbonara.

jie's fish fillet and pasta.

do you guys ever witness terrible customers in the act?

we did. this imbecile of a man (far right) couldn't have enough sense to read the menu on his own
(prolly had a brain the size of a teardrop) and demanded for sausages which wasnt available.
not really sure how he described it to the waitress, but she brought a plate of salami salad,
and he started going on about how he wanted to see the chef and tell the manager off
and how the waitress was so incompetent and bla bla bla.
i wanted to pour my entire bottle of hand sanitizer (to clean him up) on his chair but ping told me to waste not.
don't worry, karma will strike when it wants to.

went to ou instead for the movie while jie and jin played football at padang.

the movie was kinda sloooow.
storyline creeped me out abit though, couldnt believe it was a true story.

went to jie's house to wait for my parents to pick us up for dinner.

i did not take this, i swear!

was supposed to go to zipanggu, shangri-la but once again, diverted to umai-ya, uptown.

whats jap without sashimi?

one of my personal favs, oyster taufu.

my dad's all time fav, chawa mushi.

one happy daggles.

their california handrolls.

some soft shell crab thing

i highly recommend this,
it's grilled tuna with mushroom toppings but it tastes like beef!
dont be grossed out, it tasted really really nice.

salmon skin maki.

as suzen recommended, taco pelt. amazing stuff, thanks zen!

it's called mother's love. O.o

didnt order much food but we were quite full either way.

spam: ping and jie.

at bruno's.

at umai-ya.
sigh. im gonna miss the two of them.