Friday, September 5, 2008

movie mania

ever had one of those days
where you feel like you'd just die of boredome at home?
ever had one of those days
where you just feel like kicking the guy in front of you at the queue at the gsc counter cause you lined up 98457934875 hours and the last tickets of the movie you wanted to watch was sold to him?

breaking it down,
ever had one of those days where you wanna watch a movie, FOC?
where you wouldn't have to slowly paw through limewire/bitcomet to search for that movie?


though there aren't ALL the movies in that site,
there are the newer ones,
like The Dark Knight (finally)
(munyi, i'm downloading it now :D)
and The Love Guru
so i guess i'm pretty satisfied :D
i think you can request for movies too..
(sieu minn, want your miss congeniality?)

thank you whoever who created this website!
*blows a million kisses

something random.

simplicity at it's best. :)
who would've thought something so common
could ever be so beautiful?

deep in thought,