Tuesday, September 16, 2008

of farewell gifts, rocks, and pasar malam.

got this for ping, christened it rosamay. =.=
jolly mah mug was for jie,
it's really againts my principles getting people mugs/photoframes for birthdays but i thought it was cute. sorry yeah jie!

on a slightly more random note,

don't you think mei's brother looks a tad bit like the rock?
you know, the WWE one.

mei, i know he thinks im weird already so dont show this to him okay.

met up with mei and chris at waffle world.
he's pretty cool mei, no doubt about that :D

jie took mummy ong, ping and i to bazaar @ ttdi..
so. much. food!

sup tulang/daging

ayam percik

roti goreng?

fried chicken

nasi briyani johor.

"laici kang"

roti jala.

ikan panggang!! :D

putu piring.


roti john.

char kuey teow.

zomg. look at all the frekaing colouring.

*sticks finger down throat*

bumped into yeevonne tanusha and eric there too.


should start studying soon,