Thursday, October 9, 2008

a day with M&M... and jou.

was supposed to go to kiara for a jog with jou and mei
but we ended up scaling waterfalls and having a stroll with a speed that'll make my grandmothers proud.

reminds me of gollum/smeagol.
LOTR, anyone?

*zooms into picture "THAT is my hurry up lets go somewhere face." "yes jou.. i'm very familiar with it."
and they started arguing about their calf muscles being the more geng one in the picture..

mei's damn pro at camwhoring now.

i think we were damn hungry or something.
i was craving for my KFC.

they felt like having zanmai and scoffed at my fried chicken.

see that thing on the conveyor belt?
the salmon version of that is super kick ass.

i'm still looking for a new header..

went around nike-ing for a while.

got scolded by the shopkeeper heh.

mei thought i should get a new look.

went to our new favourite place, KTZ.

oh munyi's going sports-y.
she got a ball and is getting a pair of nike zooms.
can't wait to see munyi doing sports.
and moving faster.
and in a straighter line.

if you ever go to KTZ,
order the longan rose honey.
"itz da shiznitz yo."

and.. honeydew loh.
again. ><

"the theraphy cant be only 30 minutes.. it'll take me 10 minutes just to put my feet in."

and i wanted to try out that new place.
BBQ chicken, near (ex) giant

the thing about this place is that they fry EVERYTHING they have in olive oil.
*click to enlarge and read the benefits

they had comfy pink sofas there. like, really. you wouldnt wanna leave.
business scheme, perhaps?

the waitress told me that taking pictures of the food wasnt allowed
but i didnt care anyway. :D

the food there was pretty damn kick ass.

jou's salad which was so good, even mei ate some.

munyi's barbecued chicken, which i personally really liked.

mei's original fried chicken.

and my hot drum drum or whatever it was called.
i didnt like it, but it you're someone who likes the thai chilli sauce,
this is something you'll enjoy.

ahh. happening day.

i'm full. =/