Saturday, October 18, 2008

give your baby my mojo.

my mom gave the 5 of us a ride to devi's after add maths tuition today for lunch.

guess who took nearly half a tong again :P

"if i had this it kayu, it'll probably be 3 times the price =.="

munyi and her roti tisu.


i felt like having some kfc..

good picture :D

"i know!! your face is like a crecent!!"

munyi batu. :D
(munyi stoner/rocks)

finger lickin' good, right?

"i wanna learn how to anyam the ketupat thingggg"

went to seputeh (somewhere near mid valley i think) for dinner.

robson heights, some place aunty laygaik recommended.

this, i kid you not, is called "monk jump over the wall".
despite it's funky name,
it was the tastiest chinese soup i've had in a long time.

i think vegetables are awfully boring.

a different kinda curry fish head this time, a more lemak-y taste to it.
me like :D

need i say more? =P

some kinda glass noodle vegetable.

my sister's 2nd fav, ikan patin.
i'm not one who likes fish, freshwater especially,
but it didnt have that icky mud taste at all.

can you spot anything? :)

i wanted to end dinner with something sweet,
so i bugged my parents to take me to dessert's bar.

went to the one at mont' kiara.

we were all stuffed to the brim,
but i still insisted on this :D

did you know..
that when you dip them ice cream balls into the chocolate,
the chocolate hardens and it becomes something like a truffle?

my dad's rum and raisin banana smoothie.

aunty laygaik's mango lassi thing.

i liked the waitress there, she was so nice :)

my dad wanted a picture of this.

whats with all the noise in the picture =.=

is it possible to cram 5 chapters of physics and 5 chapters of sejarah in 12 hours?

i'm so full that if i take a shit, i'd flood the whole of ttdi,