Thursday, October 30, 2008

stop hitting yourself. stop hitting yourself. why are you still hitting yourself?

was feeling bored at home and went for tea and a walk with jou.
(yes, she has her own tag now and she's proud of it :P)

nothing big, just tea around our area in ttdi.

passed by some organic food shop and saw this.

HAHA! nasi ulam :D bet the one chantum makes tastes way better :P

went to mosin to have something fast and cheap.
lol? sounds wrong.

and her new RM*00 titanium glasses.

and tosai.

their roti tisu had so much sugar, even i thought it was sweet.

i went jakun over jou's SLR.

i thought they were cute okay.

don't worry, i'm still completely satisfied with my beloved ixus 80 :)

i promised jou once, a few weeks back,
that one day we'd take a walk up the datuk sulaiman and ttdi hills area of her to SLR.
mind you, it's uphill all the way from our area okay.

yeah jou's bringing sexyback. :D

somehow this reminds me of vanessa hudgens when she poses for pictures.
"she only shows her back and a bit of her face!" -ashvin

following pictures were taken by jou's SLR.

oh, dear me.

did anyone watch the very last part of love guru?
you know.. with the elephant :P

jou likes the pic, but it kinda looks retarded.

nyarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!!!!! moooosssssqqqquuuuuiiiiiiitttttooooo!!!!

we kept on walking around the higher parts of ttdi hills
and i found this little walkway/ alley thing.

i think i was taking picture of a banana plant in the drain.

along the path was this bench that kinda looks over the road below.
"you see this is where couples come for a romantic walk and rest on this bench.."
*turns to left and sees the flowers*
"oh hello there.."

jou looks like a flamingo :P

gnah. it's like i went to hell and came back with all these mosquito bites.

the path kinda leads one round behind the houses back to the park..

"oh so this is like the bridge to terabithia.."

go watch that movie,
bridge to terabithia.
awesome movie, honestly :)

you know whats funny? dont call us crazy
but the air felt a lot lighter/fresher/cooler after walking pass that barrier.
i'm not kidding!!

walked over to rasta to get some dinner..

ah, reminds me of pre-hike.
cheryl? :(

ordered a nasi goreng kampung and nasi goreng ikan masin (which kicks ass) to go.

we both walked back to my house to watch the love guru.

mariska hargitay! (go watch the movie then google it)
it was funnyyyyy.
specially the parts where ashvin aleady gave us previews.


oh, btw ashvin.

i'm watching you.

---earlier today---


still curious about the package?

haha okay okay fine.
you know how online fashion blogs are all the rage right now?
upon discovering that i had a bit of cash stashed in random parts of my room
(im quite meticulous when it comes to my money, so i've got no clue why was there money between my books)
i decided to give it a try after falling in love with this lil number.
*i dont usually do a karen cheng, but then again..

dont know about you, but i love it.

from devilish bunnies.

if people tell you that buying stuff online isn't a good thing,
"you wouldn't know whether it's the perfect fit",
"you wouldn't know whether the material is comfortable and of good quality",
"you wouldn't know if they'd try to con your money",
bla. bla. BLA!

the dress was perfect.
worth every cent.
and comfortable too.
haha! i never thought i'd ever see myself so besotted by a piece of clothing.

following that, i got this cardigan from suede alibi.
trust me on this, you can DEFINITELY trust the owners of this blog.
cause it's a shared blog among my newly braces-ed darling jooooo and her friends :D

i think i've mentioned that i have a mild obsession with stripes before, no?

from english paper 1..
"E- shopping will one day take over the conventional method of shopping. Do you agree?"

definitely, maybe. hell yeah! ;)

now, after my parents read this,
i suppose i'm gonna have to explain the whole procedure and stuff.
or maybe not,
right daddy? :D

and this is a lil something cheryl showed me earlier..

translate, anyone? =/
laughed for a good 10 minutes or so.

and now, i'm back to being broke >:(.